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Loading Control & Tag antibodies & LinKine Labelling Kits promotions

Date:2018-03-01 Views:4337

For purpose of appreciating your support for Abbkine brand and better advancing the life science research, now Abbkine is launching a new promotion for customers all over the world! Promotional details as follows. Wish you a happy life, and good luck to your experiments!

Valid for orders placed until 31th March, 2018
For life science end-users all over the world.

Specific Contents:

1. Buy a 200ul size loading control antibody(A01XXX) or tag(A02XXX) antibody, get two free 50ul A01/02 series antibodies at your choice.
2. 80% discount on the newly-launched LinKine™ labelling kits.

Promotion items—LinKineTM labeling kits

LinKine™ Labeling Kits, containing everything you need to produce covalently and directly labeled antibodies, proteins and peptides quickly and easily. It only takes 3 simple steps and 30 seconds hands-on time to obtain high quality and covalent conjugates. For more information, you can visit the LinKine™ flyer https://www.abbkine.com/linkine-labeling-kits/

Cat No. Product Name
KTL0100 LinKine™ HRP Labeling Kit
KTL0120 LinKine™ Biotin Labeling Kit
KTL0125 LinKine™ Biotin-XX Labeling Kit
KTL0210 LinKine™ FITC Labeling Kit
KTL0220 LinKine™ Cy3 Labeling Kit
KTL0500 LinKine™ AbFluor 350 Labeling Kit
KTL0510 LinKine™ AbFluor 405 Labeling Kit
KTL0520 LinKine™ AbFluor 488 Labeling Kit
KTL0530 LinKine™ AbFluor 555 Labeling Kit
KTL0540 LinKine™ AbFluor 594 Labeling Kit
KTL0560 LinKine™ AbFluor 647 Labeling Kit
KTL0580 LinKine™ AbFluor 680 Labeling Kit
KTL0590 LinKine™ AbFluor 770 Labeling Kit

Promotion items— Loading control antibodies (A01XXX)

Loading control antibodies are important controls as they indicate the equal loading of samples across all wells. Loading controls also indicate the proper transfer of proteins to the membrane during the western blotting process. Abbkine offers comprehensive portfolio of loading control monocoloal and polyclonal antibodies with high specific and mutiple applications to meet and satisfy your most types of protein quantity and localization analysis.

Cat No. Product Name
A01010 Anti-β-Actin Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (1C7) 
A01011 Anti-beta Actin Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
A01015 HRP Conjugated Anti-beta Actin Mouse Antibody (1C7) 
A01020 Anti-GAPDH Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (2B5) 
A01025 HRP Conjugated Anti-GAPDH Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (2B5) 
A01030 Anti-β-Tubulin Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (3G6) 
A01040 Anti-PCNA Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (1D7)
A01050 Anti-Plant Actin Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (3T3)
A01060 Anti-COX IV Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (14Y2)
A01070 Anti-Histone H3 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (2D10)
A01080 Anti-α-Tubulin Monoclonal Antibody (3G5) 
A01090 Anti-Lamin B1 Monoclonal Antibody(15T1) 
A01100 Anti-Histone H3 Monoclonal Antibody(2D9) 
A01110 Anti-Rubisco (Large Chain) Monoclonal Antibody(9Y6) 
A01120 Anti-TBP/TATA Binding Protein Monoclonal Antibody(2C6) 
A01130 Anti-Cyclophilin B Monoclonal Antibody(7B2) 

Promotion items— Tag antibodies(A02XXX)

Raising target protein antibodies is time-consuming and expensive. Epitope tags, including His tag, GST tag, S tag, HA tag, DDDDK tag, Myc tag, MBP Tag and mCherry tag offer a convenient solution to this problem by acting as universal epitopes for detection and purification without disturbing the structure of the protein to which they are fused. Abbkine offers comprehensive portfolio of epitope monocoloal and polyclonal antibodies with high specific and mutiple applications to meet and satisfy your most types of tagged protein quantity and localization analysis.

Cat No. Product Name
A02010 Anti-Flag Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (1B10)
A02011 Anti-Flag Tag Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
A02015 HRP Conjugated Anti-Flag Tag Mouse Antibody (1B10)
A02020 Anti-GFP Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (3D3)
A02021 Anti-GFP Tag Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
A02030 Anti-GST Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (2A8)
A02040 Anti-HA Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (4F6)
A02041 Anti-HA Tag Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
A02045 HRP Conjugated Anti-HA Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (4F6)
A02050 Anti-His Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (5C3)
A02051 Anti-His Tag Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
A02055 HRP Conjugated Anti-His Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (5C3)
A02060 Anti-Myc Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (2D5)
A02061 Anti-Myc Tag Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
A02065 HRP Conjugated Anti-Myc Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody(2D5)
A02070 Anti-MBP Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (9Y5)
A02080 Anti-mCherry Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (9D3)
A02090 Anti-E2 Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (12T4)
A02100 Anti-HSV Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (16T2)
A02110 Anti-KT3 Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (14D8)
A02120 Anti-RFP Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (9D1)
A02130 Anti-S Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (9T10)
A02150 Anti-T7 Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (6D4)
A02160 Anti-Trx Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (14D4)
A02170 Anti-V5 Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (11D5)
A02180 Anti-VSV-G-Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (14D2)
A02190 Anti-CBP Tag Monoclonal Antibody(12H5)
A02200 Anti-TAP Tag Monoclonal Antibody(4H2)
A02210 Anti-Avi-Tag Monoclonal Antibody(5G11)
A02220 Anti-SRT-Tag Monoclonal Antibody(11G3)
A02240 Anti-mStrawberry Monoclonal Antibody(4C9)
A02250 Anti-EYFP-Tag Monoclonal Antibody(10T3)
A02260 Anti-mOrange Monoclonal Antibody(9A10)
A02270 Anti-AmCyan Monoclonal Antibody(8T2)
A02280 Anti-ECFP-Tag Monoclonal Antibody(6B11)
A02290 Anti-EBFP Monoclonal Antibody(8B5)
A02300 Anti-Nano-Tag9 Monoclonal Antibody(11T3)

This promotion is only available to end users. Abbkine reserves the right to cancel or refuse this promotion at any time.