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Frozen storage solution

Abbkine Cell Freezing Medium is a non-programmed cell cryopreservation solution that has clear ingredients, no serum and no protein, which is suitable for most mammalian cells. It can exclude the risk of potential pathogen contamination or immune reaction of serum or protein. It is safer to use, without programmed cooling, and can maintain the survival rate of various cells above 95%.

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Features and Advantages

  • Save time and labor- directly stored in the refrigerator at -80° C for freezing, non-programmed freezing for ready-use cell freezing solution;
  • High safety - no serum, no protein, almost no toxicity, clear chemical composition, no risk of pathogen contamination or immune reaction;
  • High quality -- cell survival rate was more than 95%;
  • Universal - It has been verified by 34 common cell types and is applicable to most mammalian cells.
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