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Quality guarantee

Customer satisfaction at Abbkine is our priority.

Every product you purchase from Abbkine is covered by a 6-month satisfaction guarantee that it will work in the application(s) and species described in the user guide or datasheet.

Here is the sequence of processes we take to help ensure your satisfaction:

  • Expert technical support to troubleshoot the issue
  • Discount or credit towards a future purchase of the same or similar product
  • Replacement of product components or the product in its entirety
  • Product deduction code (used for subsequent purchase), or refund of the original purchase price.

Terms & Conditions

  • Guarantee is valid for 6 months from date of delivery.
  • Guarantee is valid for products purchased direct from Abbkine or through an official, authorized distributor. Additional conditions may apply from distributor.
  • Instruments and plastics are subject to its own guarantee and warranty policies.
  • “Predicted to react” and “broad range” species are based on sequence homology and have not been extensively tested, and are not applicable under this guarantee.
  • Account must be in good standing for guarantee offer to apply. Non-payment of any outstanding invoice(s) voids this guarantee.
  • Experimental data and raw data values are required in order to receive replacement, store credit, or refund under this guarantee.
  • User modifications to the protocol of products including those relating to usage of techniques, input material, and equipment voids this guarantee.