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Abbkine Defined Fetal Bovine Serum comes from Inner Mongolia pure blood source. Defined Fetal Bovine Serum contains rich nutrients necessary for cell growth and is often used for cell culture in vitro. The pH value, osmotic pressure, hemoglobin concentration, endotoxin level, total protein and other indicators of this product were qualified. Low endotoxin, no bacteria, mycoplasma, bacteriophage, virus and other contamination. It does not contain any exogenous additives, hormones, antibiotics, etc. It can be used in a variety of conventional cell culture, providing cells with necessary nutrients and a variety of growth factors, and effectively promoting cell growth. This product has been removed by 0.1 μm filtration and can be used after slow thawing at 4℃.

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Features and Advantages

  • Source control: traceable fetal bovine blood, through GMP grade production;
  • No contamination: 0.1μm filter to remove bacteria, low endotoxin, no bacteria, mycoplasma, bacteriophage, virus and other contamination;
  • Excellent effect: the effect of cell culture is excellent, suitable for the culture of delicate cells such as primary cells;
  • Quality assurance: through a number of quality tests, more than 100,000 times of cell culture verification, to provide a reliable guarantee for the experiment.
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