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Protein extraction

Abbkine offers a wide range of high-efficiency protein extraction solutions, including: ExKine™ Pro Animal cell/Tissue and plant tissue total protein extraction kit (column method), ExKine™ series of protein extraction kits, WB lysates (including PMSF), WB and IP lysates (including PMSF), and corresponding auxiliary reagents such as protease inhibitor kits are available to meet your various laboratory needs.

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Features and Advantages

  • Multi-purpose: Suitable for fresh mammalian cell or tissue samples, almost no cross contamination;
  • Diversified functions: separate extraction of nuclear protein, cytoplasmic protein and membrane protein;
  • Convenient and fast: non-denatured, active protein can be quickly extracted in less than 2 hours;
  • Good compatibility: The obtained protein is suitable for WB, IP, reporter gene detection, enzyme activity determination and other experiments.