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Protein Research Tools

Proteomics is a science that studies the protein composition of cells, tissues or organisms and their changing laws with proteome as the research object. Proteomics essentially refers to the study of protein characteristics at a large-scale level, including protein expression levels, post-translational modifications, protein-protein interactions, etc., to obtain information about disease occurrence, cell metabolism, etc. at the protein level A holistic and comprehensive understanding of the process.

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  • Protein Quantification

    Protein quantification series products include protein quantification kits, WB developing solution, ECL, color pre-stained protein marker, etc.

  • Protein Purification

    For protein purification and antibody purification, there are three product types: filler, prepacked spin column and kit to meet different research needs.

  • Protein Labeling

    Directly label enzymes, biotin and fluorescent dyes on antibodies, proteins, peptides or other biomolecules to meet the needs of scientific research, drug development and diagnostic kit development.

  • Protein Detection(Antibody & Kit)

    The antibodies provided by Abbkine for protein detection include internal reference antibody, tag antibody, primary antibody, secondary antibody and sealed serum.

  • Protein Extraction

    Protein extraction is the starting point for immunology/cytology experiments.