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Protein Extraction

Protein extraction is the starting point for immunology/cytology experiments. Abbkine ExKine™ series of protein extraction products include total protein extraction, total membrane protein extraction, cytoplasmic protein extraction, nuclear protein extraction, etc. The separated protein can not only be used to study the location of the protein in the cell, but also can be used for downstream functional research, Such as transcription regulation, signal transduction, enzyme activity analysis, etc.

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Features and Advantages

  • High purity-The extracted protein has high purity and maintains natural activity, reducing cross-contamination.
  • Strong efficiency-Purified non-denatured active protein within two hours.
  • Compatible applications-The extracted protein can be directly used in subsequent proteomics applications.
  • Super high guarantee-Have a special protease inhibitor set to prevent degradation.
  • Good price and high quality-It is affordable in the same type of prod-ucts and the cost performance is extremely high.