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How to quickly, accurately and stably label the subcellular structure of living cells and fixed cells

TraKine™ Pro is a series of long-term super-resolution cell staining imaging combination, used to mark the subcellular structure of living cells and fixed cells, through the design sequence to achieve specific binding with the target Marker protein gene sequence, and with high brightness and The resolution of the fluorescence is directly coupled. The unique fluorescent dyes of the TraKine™ Pro series cover the spectrum from ultraviolet to near-infrared. This time I emphatically recommend the TraKine™ Pro series of selected popular research targets, which occupy a place in the scientific research field, including: KTC4100-1                                                       …

2020-12-11 147 views

How to draw ELISA standard curve with CurveExpert 1.4 Software

The standard curve of ELISA generally uses special curve fitting tools, such as: CurveExert 1.4. CurveExpert 1.4 is a comprehensive curve fitting system for Windows. XY data can be modelled using a toolbox of linear regression models, nonlinear regression models, interpolation, or splines. Next, we will take Curve Exert1.4 as an example to briefly introduce how to make the standard curve of ELISA: Start "Curve Expert 1.3" software. Enter the OD value of the standard on the X axis and the corresponding concentration value on the Y axis, as shown below: Click the [Run] button (red circle above), and the following dialog box appears:      4. Click the [0K] button, the following two dialog boxes appear, and close the…

2020-11-17 222 views

CurveExert 1.4 software

Click on the link below to download the CurveExert 1.4 software CurveExpert-Plot drawing

2020-11-16 175 views

Using Purekine "fishing gear" to fish, the protein club "will be on the bait"

In the last issue, the editor brought you "Dry Goods|Fishing with IP "Hooks", Protein Club "Wishers Take the Bite", and the response was very enthusiastic. In the voice of everyone, the editor is rushing through the previous experimental notes, bringing you the second bullet of protein interaction knowledge-Pull-Down. If the protein interaction is compared to an interesting "fishing" activity, then the Purekine filler we use is a tough and slender "fishing rod" and "fishing line". The known GST-labeled recombinant protein is sharp And the perfect combination of strong "fish hook" and "fish bait", and our target protein is the "fish" that moves freely in the water. The concept of Pull-Down is similar to Co-IP, and its purpose is to study…

2020-10-23 130 views

Role and function of IL-1 / IL-4 / IL-6 / IL-33

Interleukins (ILs) are a group of cytokines secreted by macrophages, lymphocytes and other cells, and were first seen to be expressed by white blood cells (leukocytes). According to different structural characteristics, interleukin can be divided into four categories. However, their amino acid sequence similarity is rather weak (typically 15–25% identity). The main biological functions of the Interleukins are involved in immune response and immune regulation, participating in the molecular system of intercellular signal transmission composed of nerve, endocrine system and cytokines, and involved in inflammation and immunopathological tissue damage. Different interleukins have different sources and functions. Some interleukins can be produced by a variety of immune cells, and one interleukin can also play a role in a variety of cells.…

2020-09-25 159 views

Amazing: the popular science knowledge-series 1 (depression|hemolytic anemia|cancer treatment|energy transmission)

1. Be alert: habitual smoking may be a precursor to depression! Monoamine oxidase (MAO, EC1.4.3.4) mainly exists in various organs of vertebrates, especially secretory glands, brain, and liver. It also catalyzes the metabolism of monoamines in plants such as invertebrates and bean buds. The content is low and has important physiological functions. In the human body, MAO has two forms: MAO-A and MAO-B. Too much or too little MAO levels in the body are believed to be the cause of many mental and neurological diseases, such as schizophrenia, depression, attention deficit disorder, migraine, etc. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors are one of the main drugs for the treatment of depression. MAO-A inhibitors can be used as antidepressants and anxiolytics, while MAO-B inhibitors…

2020-08-28 178 views

Hard work, Do not forget your initiative mind- Abbkine Added 210 Citations in April

In April 2020, Abbkine collected 210 English articles published using Abbkine products, and some of them sent us good news on their own initiative. The joy was beyond words. In this collection of articles, the highest impact factor (IF) is 13.05, with articles with IF>7 accounting for 10.4% and articles with IF>4 accounting for 43%. In the current evaluation of scientific research, scientific research papers, as the systematic summary and theoretical crystallization of scientific research carried out by scientific researchers, are still the main objects for measuring innovative activities, especially basic research activities. Science, Nature and Cell are internationally recognized journals with the highest academic reputation. According to the statistical results of Chinese scientific papers in 2018, the number of…

2020-05-06 480 views