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New arrival: Traffic explosion products hit hard, tailored for your experiment

The new products of Abbkine is coming! There are 5 new products in this issue. The details are as follows: BMU104-EN SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium 10 mL BMU105-EN SuperKine™ Protein Gel Fast Staining Solution (Coomassie Blue) 250 mL×2 KTD103-EN Cell Proliferation Assay Cocktail 1 kit KTD104-EN Universal IP/Co-IP Toolkit (Magnetic Beads) 20T KTD105-EN Universal IP/Co-IP Toolkit (Agarose) 20T Part one: SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium is mainly composed of high-purity glycerol, which is used to mount fluorescent tissue and cell samples, it contains antifade quencher components, which can protect the entire visible spectrum and infrared spectrum, prevent fluorescence signal quenching, have a strong anti-fluorescence attenuation effect, and help keep the antigen and antibody in…

2021-09-30 130 views

New products are coming!

Two new products were launched, including an apoptosis detection kit and a biochemical detection kit. The details are as follows: Product Name Catalog Number Size Apoptosis Assay Cocktail KTD102-EN 1 Kit CheKine™ Amino Acid (AA) Colorimetric Assay Kit KTB1460 96 T Part 1 Apoptosis Assay Cocktail Apoptotic cells produces a number of important changes, including cell shrinkage, cytoplasmic agglutination, DNA disruption, and formation of membrane vesicles, and lead to the separation of cell components to form apoptotic bodies, which are eventually phagocytic by macrophages or parenchyma cells[1]. When detect the apoptosis, do you hesitate to choose the methods or experimental principle? Abbkine has the answer! Abbkine has developed a cocktail set to detect different stages of early and late apoptosis…

2021-09-07 229 views

New arrival:ExKine™ Pro Total Protein Extraction Kit for Animal Cultured Cells/Tissues

The new products of Abbkine is coming! We have launched 3 new products, including 1 protein extraction kit and 2 biochemical detection kits. The details are as follows: Catalog no Product name Size and Unit KTP3007 ExKine™ Pro Total Protein Extraction Kit for Animal Cultured Cells/Tissues 5T/50T KTB1123 CheKine™ Micro Hexokinase (HK) Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit 48T/96T KTB1124 CheKine™ 6-Phosphofructokinase(PFK) Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit 48T/96T The column method protein extraction kit is mainly introduced! When you were extracting protein from cells and tissues, do you have any troubles with proteins loss? Are you tired of the tedious and persistent experimental operation steps? This new product from Abbkine is for you! The magic of it is that it can not only…

2021-08-09 258 views

New arrival: Unique recombinant protein

Abbkine’s new day is coming in July. There are 4 new products in this issue, including 3 recombinant protein products  and 1 biochemical test kit, the specific information is as follows: Next, I will focus on introducing 3 recombinant protein products in this issue! Established in 2012, Abbkine always listens to customer needs and continues to develop innovative biological reagent products, hoping to become a key promoter in the fields of life sciences and drug research and development. After unremitting efforts, Abbkine has established a complete protein expression platform, focusing on cultivating professional and excellent technical personnel. It has successively developed hundreds of high-quality recombinant protein products and established a complete set of production, quality control and activity evaluation system.…

2021-07-02 338 views

Abbkine Product Upgrade Notice in 2021

Abbkine R&D department have been working hard in order to provide you with better quality products. This time we mainly adjusted the Species Reactivity of anti-Rubisco (large chain) monoclonal antibody (9Y6) (#A01110) and anti-Rubisco (large chain) monoclonal antibody (9Y6, HRP Conjugated) (#A01110HRP), and adjusted Species are Arabidopsis, Brassica napus, Rice, Soybean.

2021-04-27 372 views

How to quickly, accurately and stably label the subcellular structure of living cells and fixed cells

TraKine™ Pro is a series of long-term super-resolution cell staining imaging combination, used to mark the subcellular structure of living cells and fixed cells, through the design sequence to achieve specific binding with the target Marker protein gene sequence, and with high brightness and The resolution of the fluorescence is directly coupled. The unique fluorescent dyes of the TraKine™ Pro series cover the spectrum from ultraviolet to near-infrared. This time I emphatically recommend the TraKine™ Pro series of selected popular research targets, which occupy a place in the scientific research field, including: KTC4100-1                                                       …

2020-12-11 412 views

How to draw ELISA standard curve with CurveExpert 1.4 Software

The standard curve of ELISA generally uses special curve fitting tools, such as: CurveExert 1.4. CurveExpert 1.4 is a comprehensive curve fitting system for Windows. XY data can be modelled using a toolbox of linear regression models, nonlinear regression models, interpolation, or splines. Next, we will take Curve Exert1.4 as an example to briefly introduce how to make the standard curve of ELISA: Start "Curve Expert 1.3" software. Enter the OD value of the standard on the X axis and the corresponding concentration value on the Y axis, as shown below: Click the [Run] button (red circle above), and the following dialog box appears:      4. Click the [0K] button, the following two dialog boxes appear, and close the…

2020-11-17 659 views