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New arrival:ExKine™ Pro Total Protein Extraction Kit for Animal Cultured Cells/Tissues

Date:2021-08-09 Views:1830

The new products of Abbkine is coming! We have launched 3 new products, including 1 protein extraction kit and 2 biochemical detection kits. The details are as follows:

Catalog no

Product name

Size and Unit

KTP3007 ExKine™ Pro Total Protein Extraction Kit for Animal Cultured Cells/Tissues 5T/50T
KTB1123 CheKine™ Micro Hexokinase (HK) Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit 48T/96T
KTB1124 CheKine™ 6-Phosphofructokinase(PFK) Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit 48T/96T

The column method protein extraction kit is mainly introduced!

When you were extracting protein from cells and tissues, do you have any troubles with proteins loss? Are you tired of the tedious and persistent experimental operation steps? This new product from Abbkine is for you! The magic of it is that it can not only complete the extraction of protein in about 1 minute, but also obtain high concentration and full spectrum of protein, which is fast and high quality. It is a necessary product for you to improve the efficiency of experiments!

Different from the traditional method, the column method can not only avoid the problem of protein loss in the solution method, but also be simple and fast to extract different types of proteins quickly and gently.

Product Advantages

  1. Simple and fast, it can be extracted in 7 min;
  2. Without altered protein profile, high yield (3-20 mg/mL);
  3. No ultrasonic crushing, boiling, repeated freezing or thawing;
  4. Denatured or undenatured proteins to be chose.

Experimental Results

More Lysis efficiency

Isolated 293 cells suspension was lysed by RIPA buffer from D manufacturer and Abbkine. The cell lysates were centrifuged at 12000 g for 10 min. 1 shows RIPA Lysis Buffer(weak) from D manufacturer,2 shows RIPA Lysis Buffer(medium) from D manufacturer, 3 shows RIPA Lysis Buffer(Strong) from D manufacturer, 4 shows RIPA Lysis Buffer from Abbkine. RIPA buffer from D manufacturer show incomplete lysis as evidenced by the presence of obvious insoluble pellet at the bottom of the tube while RIPA Lysis Buffer from Abbkine shows complete lysis.

RIPA effect

High protein yield

Different international brands and well-known domestic brands of protein extraction kit products were used to perform protein extraction experiments on mouse liver tissue, including the treatment of denaturated lysate RIPA and non-denaturated lysate. The results are as follows:

Protein concentration

In the results of protein extraction by column method of Abbkine, the protein concentration obtained by denatured cleavage was as high as 20.06 mg/mL, and the protein concentration obtained by non-denatured cleavage was 20.99 mg/mL, which ranked top among many products.

No protein loss

Protein profiles of mouse liver extracted by denatureing lysis buffer and native buffer from different manufacturers. Extracted proteins were separated in 10% SDS-PAGE and stained with coomassie blue. Lane 1, Marker; Lane 2, native buffer from A manufacturer; Lane 3, native buffer from Abbkine; Lane 4, denatureing lysis buffer from A manufacturer; Lane 5, denatureing lysis buffer from B manufacturer; Lane 6, denatureing lysis buffer from C manufacturer; Lane 7, denatureing lysis buffer from Abbkine; Lane 8, denatureing lysis buffer from D manufacturer.


Nuclear protein and membrane protein can be extracted

Total proteins were extracted from 293 cells and mouse liver. Lane 1, 5 μL proteins extracted by assay kits of B manufacturer; Lane 2, 2.5 μL proteins extracted by assay kits of B manufacturer; Lane 3, 5 μL proteins extracted by Abbkine assay kits; Lane 4, 2.5 μL proteins extracted by Abbkine assay kits.


The results showed that the Abbkine kit could extract nuclear protein and membrane protein more particularly effective, and the protein bands with clear background could be obtained in both cells and tissues.

In addition, we launched hexokinase (HK) and phosphofructokinase (PFK) activity testing products at the same time, welcome to order!


Inspire your cell and protein

Abbkine focuses on the fields of proteinology and cytology, and is committed to the innovation and research and development of various antibodies, proteins, analytical reagents and kits, in order to become a key promoter in the development of life science research, drug development and other fields. We provide you with the favorite products of protein and immune research users, from basic immunological products, such as protein extraction and quantification, to internal reference label antibodies, primary antibodies and secondary antibodies for immunological experiments; the favorite products of cell research users, from Dyes and kits for detecting cell status, organelle extraction kits, cell substructure staining and tracking and cell metabolism detection products, to cytokine and protein detection kits for cell culture, just to help your research career !