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Reporter gene testing

Reportgene is a set of genes that code for the expression of a protein or enzyme that is easily detectable in a given situation and not otherwise present in the experimental material. The coding sequence of the reporter gene is fused with the gene expression regulation sequence, or with other target genes, and the expression is expressed under the control of the regulatory sequence, and the expression regulation of the target gene is “reported” by detecting the expression product of the reporter gene. Dual luciferase reporter gene assay is the most commonly used reporter gene assay: The reporter gene system uses two luciferase enzymes. One of them is used as the target signal characterization, and the other luciferase is used as the internal reference. Through reduction processing, the interpore error caused by different cell number and transfection efficiency is eliminated, and the quantification is more accurate.

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Features and Advantages

  • Rapid detection, high sensitivity, wide detection range, no interference from intracellular activity;
  • Convenient operation, stable reading and fast speed;
  • Strong compatibility with various media.
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