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Second antibody

Secondary antibodies are antibodies used to target binding primary antibodies, often with markers. In a variety of immune experiments, the secondary antibody and the primary antibody are used in combination to detect the target protein and enhance the detection signal.
Abbkine’s secondary antibody offerings include commonly used enzyme-labeled secondary antibodies (such as HRP labeled secondary antibodies), the Dylight series of fluorescent secondary antibodies, and the IFKine™ series of secondary antibodies (donkey origin and serum adsorption from other species, lower non-specific binding and background). Especially suitable for immunomultistandard tests), IPKine™ series of secondary antibodies (effectively avoid heavy or light chain interference, especially suitable for IP-WB detection).

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Features and Advantages

  • variety of markers;
  • Strong specificity, high sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio.
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