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Organelle Extraction

Organelles are microorgans with specific morphological structures and functions in cells, usually wrapped separately by phospholipid bilayers. Similar to organs of human body, organelles are functional units specialized in normal cell operations, whose functions are range from producing cells to control cell growth and reproduction. Organelle extraction and enrichment simplify proteomic analysis, and can help us to deeply understand some diseases related to cell function combined with protein metabolic function analysis Abbkine provides the following organelle separation kit, including nuclear extraction kit and mitochondrial extraction kit.

Abbkine provide complete & active & convenient nuclear extraction kit and mitochondrial extraction kit.

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Features and Advantages

  • Nuclear extraction kit (Crude formulation): rapid crude extraction (within 1 h), suitable for massive samples and time saving need; delicate extraction method: no cell membrane and cytosol pollution, maintain complete nuclear morphology;
  • Mitochondrial extraction kit: highly purified mitochondria can be isolated and most of the mitochondria has complete intima and outer membrane, also having the normal physiological function.