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WB/IP/Co-IP/IF kit

Various immunological techniques based on the specific recognition principle of antigen and antibody, such as WB, IP/Co-IP and IF, are the basis of immunological experiments today. Western blot has the advantages of large analytical capacity, high sensitivity and strong specificity. It is one of the most commonly used methods to detect protein properties, expression and distribution, such as qualitative and quantitative detection of tissue antigens, quality determination of polypeptide molecules, and antibody or antigen detection of viruses. Abbkine can provide a complete set of reagents for immunological experiments: WB application, IP/Co-IP application, IF application. WB applications include: Universal immunoblot (WB) toolbox, super fast protein glue stain solution, protease inhibitor set Cocktail, antibody diluent, ECL luminescent solution, protein marker, loading buffer and other immunological general reagents. IP/Co-IP application products include: Universal immune (co-) precipitation (IP/Co-IP) toolbox (magnetic bead/agar-agar), IPkine ™ labeled protein immunoprecipitation kit (magnetic bead method), agar-agar/magnetic bead coupled labeled antibodies, IPkine secondary antibodies, etc. Immunohistochemical (IF) application products include: universal immunofluorescence (IF) toolbox, IFkine secondary antibody, DyLight secondary antibody, enhanced anti-fluorescence quencher, etc.

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Features and Advantages

  • Complete kit components, provide a full set of experimental reagents, no additional preparation;
  • Antibody specificity, high sensitivity, excellent performance.
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