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IPKine™ Anti-DDDDK Magnetic IP Kit

IPKine™ Anti-DDDDK Magnetic IP Kit

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Product name IPKine™ Anti-DDDDK Magnetic IP Kit
Immunogen Synthetic Peptide
Applications IP
Applications notes Anti-DDDDK-Tag (Flag-Tag) Magnetic Beads are prepared by covalently coupling Anti-Flag-Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody to crosslinked Magnetic Beads. The Optimized Anti-Flag Magnetic Beads have more efficient antigen binding capacity. This kit provides three elution methods, including competitive elution of peptide, acid elution and denatured elution.
Conjugate Magnetic Beads

Product Properties

Kit components
Non-Denaturing Lysis Buffer
TBS (10×)
Anti-Flag Magnetic Beads
Mouse IgG Magnetic Beads
Elution Buffer
Neutralization Buffer
3×Flag Peptide (25×)
SDS-PAGE Loading Buffer (5×)
Features & Benefits 1.Efficient binding capacity: ≥0.6 mg Flag Tag protein/mL Magnetic Beads.
• 2.Can bind to various forms of tagged proteins: N-/C-.
• 3.Three elution methods: competitive elution of peptide, acid elution and denatured elution.
• 4.The kit contains high-quality Anti-Flag magnetic beads and all validated immunoprecipitation necessary reagents.
• 5.Ready-to-use IP negative control, which can eliminate the non-specific binding of IgG itself to the target protein or other specific biomolecules.
Storage instructions Store according to the recommended storage conditions of each component, stable for 12 months.
Shipping Gel pack with blue ice.
Precautions The reagent is only used in the field of scientific research, not suitable for clinical diagnosis or other purposes.

Additional Information

Background The DYKDDDDK peptide (Flag-tag) is a polypeptide protein tag that can be added to a protein using recombinant DNA technology. It can be used for affinity chromatography, and then used to separate recombinant, over expressed protein from wild-type protein expressed by the host organism. It can also be used in the isolation of protein complexes with multiple subunits.

Image & description

Fig. IPKine™ Anti-DDDDK Magnetic IP Kit

Fig. IPKine™ Anti-DDDDK Magnetic IP Kit

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