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About us

Abbkine- a key enabler of life sciences

Abbkine Scientific Co.,Ltd, founded in 2017, is headquartered in Georgia,USA. The company is committed to research, manufacturing and sales of key reagents in the field of Cell assay and Cell therapy, and has become a key enabler of innovation in the field of cell pharmaceutical globally.

Enterprise mission: Stimulate our inherent creativity, provide competitive biomedical products and services, continue to create maximum value for customers, to become a respected and enterprising supplier of biomedical products and services.

Corporate vision: Become a respected and enterprising supplier of biomedical products and services.

Values: Passion, Dedication, Study, Innovation,Cooperation, Excellence.

Abbkine Bio-positioning:Committed to the research, manufacturing and sales of key reagents in the field of Cell assay and Cell therapy, becoming a key enabler of innovation in the field of cell pharmaceuticals globally.

Featured products

Enabling cell research and therapy

The company’s main business includes cell culture, expansion and storage reagents, cell metabolism, detection and sorting kits, cell therapy materials, cytokines and other products, customized services. Around the research and development of biological reagents, Abbkine has established two stable and perfect key technology platforms: biochemical reagent formulation and recombinant protein expression evolution platform, which provides guarantee for the high-throughput and high-efficiency research and manufacture of core reagents for Cell scientific assay and Cell therapy.

  • Cell culture (including cell line, cell medium, serum, cell freeze, mycoplasma/endotoxin detection & clearance, etc.)
  • Cell analysis (including cell proliferation, toxicity, apoptosis, senescence, biochemical metabolism, ELISA, organelle extraction, staining, etc.)
  • Cytokines and proteins (including cytokines, growth factors, hormones, tool enzymes, GMP grade cytokines, etc.)
  • Protein preparation and detection (including protein extraction, purification, labeling, primary antibody, secondary antibody, loading control& tag antibody, WB&IP&lF toolkit, etc.)
  • Stem cell research and treatment (MSC, MSC medium, MSC differentiation, MSC freeze, stem cell digestive enzymes, stem cell separation magnetic beads, etc.)

Development milestone

The company is committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of key reagents in the field of cell assay and cell therapy, and has become a key enabler of innovation in the field of cell pharmaceutical globally.

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  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019

Establishing world operation center

Abbkine world operation center is established in 2012 at California, the United States, and focuses on the RD of high quality loading control antibody as well as monoclonal antibody.

Greatly expanding loading control product line

Abbkine developed a series of new epitope/CD marker antibodies, and started to screen monoclonal cell lines with high specificity and functionality.

Having 500+ primary and secondary antibody products

Including featured IFKine™ and IPKine™ series products, Abbkine already had 500+ primary and secondary antibody products.

Launching 5000+ primary antibody plan

Abbkine initiated 5000+ primary antibody development plan with research partner, and firstky collected 200 publications globally.

Moving headquarter to China

Through brand acquisition and resource integration, Abbkine moved its headquarter to China. Relying on four 4 patented technologies, Abbkine promoted its own protein purification product line.

Launching cytokines and hormones detection ELISA Kits

According to the marketing need, Abbkine developed EliKine™ ELISA Kits which contained various cytokines and hormones markers, such as interleukin, tumor necrosis factor and interferon,etc..

Putting star-class labeling kit on sale worldwide

By right of advanced protein conjugation technique and strict quality control, Abbkine started to supply LinKine™ labeling kit which can directly conjugated HRP,Biotin,FITC,Cy3,AbFluor™ dye onto antibody, protein,peptide or other biological molecules, to meet the need during lab experiment application, drug discovery and diagnostic kit development.

Expanding biochemical and cytology product line

Abbkine constructed cytology product RD platform, and its assay kits for cell status check, cell staining, cell organelle extraction and cell metabolism detection have been acknowledged by more and more worldwide customers.

Honor and Qualification

Since its establishment, the company has been constantly innovating with high quality.