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Loading Control/Anti-Tag antibody

Loading Control and anti-Tag antibody are two convenient tools in immunological experiments. Internal reference, also known as internal reference, is a type of protein encoded by the house keeping gene, whose expression is relatively constant in tissues and cells and is often used as a reference for detecting protein expression levels. It can indicate the amount of protein on each sample hole in WB experiment, the transfer efficiency of the imprinted membrane, and the correctness of the experimental operation. By means of molecular biology, any epitope tag can be added to the C-terminal or N-terminal of any target protein to obtain the fused expression of the tag protein, and then the analysis and identification of the target protein can be more convenient.
Abbkine provides a full set of single/polyclonal reference antibody combinations, including commonly used indicators such as: β-Actin, β-Tubulin, GAPDH, etc. In addition to the common human, mouse, rat, also provides such as: plants, zebrafish, yeast and other internal reference antibodies, as well as large packaging customized services.
Abbkine offers a full set of epitope-labeled single/polyclonal antibody combinations with high specificity and multiple application types, such as GST, His, HA, DDDDK (flag), Myc, MBP and mCherry labels. Abbkine also offers a variety of conjugated label antibodies and internal reference antibodies, including biotin, HRP, AbFluor™ dyes, agarose and magnetic beads, to meet your WB, IHC, IP, ELISA and other experimental needs.

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Features and Advantages

  • Provide a full set of internal reference/label antibodies with strong specificity, high sensitivity, and a wide range of applicable sample species;
  • Provide high quality, multi-purpose coupled internal reference/label antibodies. Conjugations include HRP, biotin, FITC, Cy3, Cy5, agarose microspheres, magnetic bead microspheres, and AbFluor™ fluorophore groups (350, 405, 488, 555, 594, 647, 680);
  • Advanced protein coupling technology and strict quality control.
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