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Protein purification

Abbkine’s unique PurKine™ isolation and purification product line, combined with a complete line of protein fusion tag peptides and tag antibodies, will meet most of your protein purification, sample preparation, and assay needs. PurKine™ series purification product line provides His, GST, MBP, biotin, Protein A/G and other protein and antibody purification packers and kits, large loads, high purification efficiency, simple and efficient.

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Features and Advantages

  • High sample binding capacity, high purification rate;
  • The same resin can be reused more than five times, and the performance will not be reduced;
  • Provide large size resin filler, small size pre-loaded column and complete kit, various product forms, choose as you like;
  • Kit products provide all kinds of pre-configured buffers, direct access, convenient and fast.
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