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Cell Staining/Tracing

Cell staining and tracer reagents are important tools to track cells in complicated environments and are widely used in cell migration, wound healing and stem cell differentiation research. Cell motion and localization studies require specialized probe dyes which must be non-toxic to living cells, and have various fluorescent colors to choose n order to match different laser wavelengths and filters of different instrument. And also can be co-stained with antibody labeling or other cell analysis marker probes.

Abbkine provide the following kits at your choice, including: live / dead cell double staining kit, live cell tracer kit (green fluorescence), cell membrane staining kit, mitochondrial staining kit, cell staining kit(F-actin staining), TraKine™Pro live cell staining kit, tracer reagent, etc.

Provide you with high-quality cell staining and tracer reagent.

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Features and Advantages

  • Live / dead cell double staining kit: one step staining method can distinguish living and dead cells at the same time. It is easy to operate to quickly quantify cell activity, and can be used for fluorescence microscope and flow detection.
  • Live cell tracer kit: excellent fluorescent dye can achieve long-term cell tracer; fluorescent probe will not transfer from one cell to the other adjacent cells after labeling, but only transfer to progeny cells.
  • Cell cycle detection kit: based on nuclear (DNA) dyes, when they bind to DNA in cells, they produce fluorescence signals. The fluorescence intensity is proportional to the DNA of cells. It provides a convenient and accurate analysis plan for analyzing the percentage of cells in each phase of cell cycle
  • TraKine™ series cell staining kits (cell membrane staining, mitochondrial staining, F-actin staining): optimized for various fluorescence analysis platforms with wide applicability, such as fluorescent microporous plate analysis, flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy.
  • TraKine™ Pro live cell staining kit: almost no cytotoxicity; fluorescence can last several hours in living cells, stable and lasting which is an ideal choice for monitoring living cell dynamic; Especially suitable for the study of living cell research under Confocal laser scanning microscopy (Confocal) and long-term super-resolution microscope, it is an ideal choice to observe cell dynamics in three-dimensional space.
  • AbFlour™ new generation fluorescent dyes: AbFluor™ dyes have excellent core structure, stable reaction groups, good photostability, which ensure the high stability and high labeling efficiency of biological coupling; broad fluorescence spectrum range, covering ultraviolet, visible and near infrared, to meet most of the experimental needs from researchers; good pH tolerance, remain stable within the pH 2-11.