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Cell Research Tools

Cytology is a branch of biology which studies the morphology, structure, and function of cells, and is associated with cell growth, differentiation, evolution, etc. The physiological function of organisms and all life phenomena are expressed in cells, the basic unit. Therefore, cytology is essential for the understanding the heredity, development and physiological function of organisms as well as pathology, pharmacology and agricultural breeding which are the basis of medical treatment.

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  • Cell Culture

    Abbkine provides you cytokines including interleukin, chemokines, colony-stimulating factors (CSF), interferon, and the transforming growth factor (TGF) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) family.

  • Cell Status Detection

    CCK-8、LDH、EdU cell proliferation/toxicity detection kit ; Annexin V、TUNEL、Mitochondrial Membrane Potential, Caspase and other cell Apoptosis Detection kit and cell senescence staining kit.

  • Organelle Extraction

    Abbkine provide complete & active & convenient nuclear extraction kit and mitochondrial extraction kit.

  • Cell Staining/Tracing

    Provide you with high-quality cell staining and tracer reagent.

  • Cell Metabolism

    CheKine™ series cell metabolism detection kit adopts the optimal reaction principle, its components are simple, its operation is convenient, also having high sensitivity and don’t be disturbed by other substances, its accuracy and specificity are higher.