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Talent Concept

The corporate value of our enterprise are: Passion、Dedication to work、Learning、Innovation、Cooperation、Excellence. Abbkine regards talents as the most precious corporate resource, and takes “talent first, people-oriented” as its principle, and has formed a set of talent mechanisms of “valuing talents, caring for talents, developing talents, using talents, retaining talents, and improving talents”. With the goal of "employees and enterprise growing together", we strive to achieve the ultimate goal of "harmonious win-win and common development". After years of development, the company already has a large number of outstanding R&D, management, and marketing talents. Among them, young and middle-aged people with master's degree and undergraduate degree have gradually become the core backbone. At the same time, more and more outstanding graduates are holding ambitious Ideal and career pursuit join the company.

Welfare Treatment

● Compensation and benefits: the industry’s highly competitive salary and welfare system includes not only year-end bonuses, but also three major festivals and festival fees; ● Rest and vacation: two days off on weekends, national statutory holidays, paid annual vacations, wedding leave, funeral leave; ● Daily subsidies: communication subsidies, transportation subsidies, to make your daily life more secure; ● Five social insurance and one housing fund: Social security and provident fund are paid for you normally; ● Promotion space: dual-channel promotion mechanism: management post or expert post, to provide you with greater development space and growth; ● Office coffee break: we supply seasonal fruits, tea and various healthy drinks; ● Working environment: spacious and bright office environment and each individual’s independent workstation, computer and telephone, A variety of collective activities; the company separately configures a smart large-screen mobile phone for each salesperson; ●Employee travel: there are group tours every year. Two additional Wuhan Tourism Annual Cards are provided every year to travel all over the city of Wuhan.

Job Recruitment

Looking forward to your joining us! What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

  • Assistant to the General Manager(One)

    Assist general manager to complete daily management work

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  • Director of scientific research office(Three)

    Responsible for the daily R&D and management of the whole scientific research office

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Sent Resumes

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