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GMP grade cytokines

GMP grade cytokine refers to the production of proteins according to the requirements of GMP quality management system, minimizing the differences and uncertainties in the production process, and ultimately ensuring high quality cytokine products. GMP grade cytokines can be used for cell therapy or as an adjunct material for further production processes. It should be noted that GMP grade cytokines are different from recombinant drugs directly used for disease treatment, and their listing does not need to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and cannot be directly used for disease treatment. Based on the GMP quality management system, Abbkine is committed to the development of high-quality GMP grade cytokines with a more complete and high standard.

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Features and Advantages

  • The endotoxin content per microgram of protein was <1.0 EU by LAL method;
  • Purity >95%, GMP grade cytokines high purity, with high activity, high stability, high batch consistency;
  • Freeze-dried powder packaging, safe and assured. Each cytokine was equipped with 1 mL resolubilization Buffer, and the product performance was stable after resolubilization;
  • The outer packaging uses no heat source and no endotoxin EP tube to eliminate endotoxin interference from the packaging.