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IF Experiment Promotion, Buy One Get One Free (Gift)

In the last week, our IF application promotion is coming to an end. Buy useful immunofluorescence secondary antibodies, and there are gifts to add boost to your experimental process.   Promotion time: 2022/7/1-2022/9/30 Promotion products: Universal IF Toolkit/SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium/DyLight Secondary Antibodies/IFKine™ Secondary Antibodies   Promotional form: Single order catalogue price≥$70, you can get six free experimental foam flotation.   Single order catalogue price≥$170, you can get six free cell cryopreservation box.   Single order catalogue price≥$240, you can get one free 256GB USB stick. Universal IF Toolkit Features & Benefits: ①The operation is convenient, the components are complete, and it contains almost all the reagents required for IF experiments; ②Provide optimized Antibody Dilution Buffer and SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting…

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IP Experiment Promotion,Get Free IPKine™ Secondary Antibody + Free Valuable Gift

  Participants: overseas customers Promotion time: 2022/4/1-2022/6/30 Promotion products: Hot Product/IPKine™ Magnetic IP Kit/Tag Antibody/IPKine™ secondary antibody Promotional form: Single order catalogue price ≥$169, you can get one free IPKine™ secondary antibody(100 μL/$59) and five free experimental foam flotation; Single order catalogue price ≥$500, you can get one free IPKine™ secondary antibody(100 μL/$59) and five free cell cryopreservation box; Single order catalogue price ≥$800, you can get one free IPKine™ secondary antibody(100 μL/$59) and one free 256GB USB stick.   Part A:Hot Product(KTD104/105-Magnetic Beads/Agarose) 1.unique IPkine™ secondary antibodies to perfectly eliminate heavy chain interference. 2.Efficient antibody binding capacity and low protein non-specific adsorption rate. 3.Non-Denaturing Lysis Buffer and Denaturing Lysis Buffer, meet IP/Co-IP/WB requirements. 4.IP negative control, which can eliminate…

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Abbkine New Year promotion, buy one get two free

Promotion time: From now on-2022/3/31 Promotion products: Protein extraction/Organelle extraction Promotional form: Buy any small-size product in the list, and you can get small-size product of the a column method protein extraction kit (choose one of KTP3007/KTP3008), as well as high-value colorful sticky notes. Buy any large-size product in the list, you can get the large-size product of the column method protein extraction kit (choose one of KTP3007/KTP3008), as well as the cute panda wrist mouse pad. Hot selling advantages: KTP3007 Fast and convenient— Native protein extraction in 7 minutes; Protein integrity— No protein loss, complete protein profile; High protein yield— Total protein is extracted from 50 mg of animal tissue, and the yield can reach 21 mg/mL; • Compatible—…

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Promotion of the cell status detection kits

Do you have any trouble in the process of exploring the cell's proliferation, aging, and apoptosis? Perhaps there are some concerns about that weak fluorescence will interfere with your judgment?  Or did the cumbersome steps block your thoughts? Annexin V of AbFluor™ - Increases Fluorescence Intenacity by 30% or More!   It saves half of the operation time with the EDU Kit! During this summer, the Abbkine's cell state assay kits will "witness" the vitality, apoptosis and aging in the world of cells with you!   Promotion participants: Authorized Distributors Overseas. Promotion time: From now to 30th September, 2021. Promotion products: Cell status detection in the attached list (Table 1). Promotion Discount: 55% off.   Table 1: Product Name Cat. No…

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Abbkine Year-End big sale: Register to get extra discount and free gift!

  The list of promoted products are as follows :

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Buy Abbkine selected primary antibodies, get high quality secondary antibodies

Abbkine's selected primary antibodies are the first choice for reliable trust, featuring a selection of popular research targets, strict quality control and quality assurance. We are grateful for everyone's recognition of this product line. In order to allow more customers to use good products and send out high-score articles, we are now launching the activity of buying selected primary antibodies and get high quality secondary antibodies. Promotion time: From now to December 31th, 2020 Details of activities: As long as you buy selected primary antibodies, you can get designated high quality secondary antibodies (size: 100ul) for free or at a very preferential price. Designated secondary antibodies are as follows, Product name Cat# Citation Size List Price($) Preferential Price($) HRP, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG…

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Abbkine winter promotion: looking for you who need live-cell probe

Promotion time: From now to 15th January, 2020. Promotion product list: TraKine™ Pro product line (Tubulin, Lysosome, Mitochondrion, Nuclei live-cell probe ). Details of activities: 20% off for TraKine™ Pro product line. Details for promotion product: Product name #Cat Target Ex/Em (nm) Size Promotion price ($) TraKine™ Pro Live-cell Tubulin Staining kit (Green Fluorescence with Super Resolution) KTC4100 Tubulin 500/520 50/250T 144/496 TraKine™ Pro Live-cell Lysosome Staining kit (Deep Red Fluorescence with Super Resolution) KTC4210 Lysosome 650/665 50/250T 128/472 TraKine™ Pro Live-cell Lysosome Staining kit (Orange Fluorescence with Super Resolution) KTC4220 Lysosome 565/590 50/250T 128/4721 TraKine™ Pro Live-cell Mitochondrion Staining kit (Deep Red Fluorescence with Super Resolution) KTC4300 Mitochondrion 647/661 50/250T 176/576 TraKine™ Pro Live-cell Nuclei Staining kit (Deep Red…

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Loading Control & Tag Antibody-Buy two get one for free

Flash sale: From now to October 31st, 2019 Promotion product list: Classical loading control and tag antibodies and the conjugated versions of these antibodies, including HRP, Biotin, FITC, Cy3, Cy5 and AbFlour TM dyes. Details of activities: Buy 2 get 1 for free (if a single order is full of 3 antibodies, the antibody with the lowest price will be exempted). Why choose Abbkine loading control and tag antibodies? Abbkine offers a wide range of loading control and tag antibodies, including the hot targets and unique species, covering the molecular weights from 15 kDa to 116 kDa. Abbkine conjugated loading control and tag antibodies have diverse conjugates, including enzyme and featured fluorescent dyes, with the application of WB, IHC, IF…

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Abbkine newly released Selected Primary Antibody will shock you!

Abbkine strongly launched selected primary antibody with high quality control, which will be your reliable choice. The selected primary antibody involves most of the hot target research areas, and through multiple rigorous quality controls, to meet your high-quality requirements.   Thanks for the trust and support from all the new and old customers, Abbkine now launches new products one-stop promotion, matching the top selling products, buy one get one! With bulk stock, the product can be sent immediately after payment.   Promotion Details are as follows:   Promotion time: From now to December 31th, 2019   Contents: Selected Primary Antibody one-stop matching service, buy one get one! (involve the hot target areas such as Apoptosis, Signal Transduction, Neuroscience, and so…

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15%-20% off on Abbkine top selling immunological and cytological products

Abbkine continually strives to provide innovative, high quality assay kits, recombinant proteins, antibodies and other research tools to accelerate life science fundamental research, drug discovery, etc. We focus on Immunology and Cytology. Here, we choose some of our top selling products in immunology and cytology research to give you extra discount to help you with your research. Promotion Items: Products listed below. Contents: Place order for 2 different items can enjoy 15% discount, more than 4 different items enjoy 20% discount. Valid date: From 1st, October to 31st, December, 2018 Promotion List of Products Product Name Catalog No. ExKine™ Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Protein Extraction Kit KTP3001 ExKine™ Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit KTP3002 ExKine™ Cytoplasmic Protein Extraction Kit KTP3003 ExKine™ Total…

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