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Abbkine newly released Selected Primary Antibody will shock you!

Date:2019-04-09 Views:3087

Abbkine strongly launched selected primary antibody with high quality control, which will be your reliable choice. The selected primary antibody involves most of the hot target research areas, and through multiple rigorous quality controls, to meet your high-quality requirements.


Thanks for the trust and support from all the new and old customers, Abbkine now launches new products one-stop promotion, matching the top selling products, buy one get one! With bulk stock, the product can be sent immediately after payment.


Promotion Details are as follows:


Promotion time: From now to December 31th, 2019


Contents: Selected Primary Antibody one-stop matching service, buy one get one! (involve the hot target areas such as Apoptosis, Signal Transduction, Neuroscience, and so on)


  1. If you buy one Selected Primary Antibody, you can get a loading control or tag antibody for free. Buy more, get more!
  2. If you buy one Selected Primary Antibody, only add $10, you can get a secondary antibody, or ECL or Protein Marker for free. Buy more, get more!


And cute gifts are waiting for you!

* This promotion is only available to end users. Abbkine reserves the right to cancel or refuse this promotion at any time.