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Such a complete cellular workup is now very rare

Abbkine provides you the most preferred products for cell research users, covering cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, apoptosis, cell aging, oxidative damage and other aspects of detection applications. The product types include innovative concepts, cell apoptosis and cell proliferation explosive kits with unique advantages, as well as superior quality and stable performance detection kits. To meet your different experimental needs and help your cytological research career. Detection of cell proliferation Cell proliferation produces many important changes, including DNA synthesis, increased cell metabolism, and expression of proliferation-specific proteins. Based on the next-generation AbFluor ™ fluorescent staining technology, Abbkine has developed products that can not only accurately detect cell proliferation directly from the DNA level, but also achieve high-throughput detection of cell proliferation status…

2023-11-28 538 views

The coolest new products in the research circle are here! CheKine™ microquantitative test kits and recombinant proteins help you explore cells with ease!

Hey, research explorers! Just like that, the long-awaited tech products are dazzlingly here again! The latest CheKine™ product line helps you play freely in the field of microquantitative detection, with super cool recombinant proteins adding more excitement to cell exploration! Come and check out these trendy new favorites!   Microquantitative test kits, exploring cellular energy   Glycogen synthase activity assay kit: Not only fast and accurate, but also gives you a novel way to analyze cellular energy metabolism, turning you into a cellular energy superhero in seconds!   Starch assay kit: Detailed and accurate, helping you deeply analyze the role of starch in organisms, playing with starch research, making you the little prince/princess of the starch research world!   α-Glucosidase activity assay kit: Microquantitative…

2023-11-10 581 views

To track the hot spots of mitochondria and solve the difficult problems in respiratory chain research

In addition to being a key organelle for intracellular energy generation, mitochondria are also involved in metabolic processes such as apoptosis, free radical production, and lipid metabolism. Some studies have reported that mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to the pathology of many common diseases, including neurodegeneration, metabolic diseases, heart failure, ischemia-reperfusion injury, and protozoan infections. Therefore, mitochondria represent an important drug target for these highly prevalent diseases. Several strategies aimed at therapeutic restoration of mitochondrial function are emerging, and a few agents have entered clinical trials. The role of the respiratory chain represents the most basic function of mitochondria. The hydrogen carrier and electron carrier in the respiratory chain are carriers that can transfer hydrogen atoms or electrons. Since hydrogen atoms can…

2023-11-06 465 views

Tips Shareing | Supertotal recombinant Protein Usage Guide

Recently, Abbkine has added a new batch of strictly verified active cytokine recombinant proteins to the shelves, many partners are consulting the use of recombinant protein precautions and preservation methods. Here it comes~   Abbkine recombinant proteins are freeze-dried powders that can be stored for several years at -20 °C or -80 °C. The lyophilized protein powder should be dissolved before use. Some recombinant protein products have a resolubilization buffer, and the matching resolubilization buffer is preferred. Resolubility and storage conditions of different recombinant proteins may be different. Refer to the recommended methods in the manual for details. Dissolution methods Always centrifuge the product before opening the tube. Centrifuge at 10,000-12000 rpm for 30 s or 3000-3500 rpm for 5…

2023-10-31 487 views

New Products in September, Ready to Go

Abbkine has been adhering to the spirit of innovation, constantly pioneering and striving to study and practice, as expected, a wave of new products, involving a wide range of experimental applications, mainly divided into cell lines, cytokines, biochemical detection kits, double antibody, mycoplasma PCR detection kits, tool enzymes and other series. Come Kangkang have their own needs ~ Cytokines (Low endotoxin & High Purity & Freeze-dried powder) Cytokine is a kind of unique cell signal transduction molecule, which plays an important role in cell proliferation and development. Abbkine provides cytokines including interleukin, chemokines, colony-stimulating factor (CSF), interferon and the transforming growth factor (TGF) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) families for use in cancer, apoptosis, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, protease and stem…

2023-09-28 632 views

Such excellent special fetal bovine serum, how can anyone not know?

When the delicate cells need for laboratory to develop, you need a high quality premium fetal bovine serum; When cell toxicology experiments need to operate under GMP conditions, you need a high-quality special grade fetal bovine serum; When precious cell cultures need to avoid contamination of the serum source, you need a premium fetal calf serum; When there is a lack of quality assurance in cell culture serum, you need a good quality extra grade fetal bovine serum.   Bovine serum is the largest natural medium used in cell culture, containing rich nutrients necessary for cell growth, and is often used in cell culture in vitro.The pH value, osmotic pressure, hemoglobin concentration, endotoxin level, total protein and other indicators of…

2023-09-28 436 views

A scientific mystery lit up by fireflies -- dual luciferase reporter gene

Do you want to verify the effect of miRNA on target genes? -- Dual luciferase reporter gene assay Do you want to understand the targeted interaction between miRNA and lncRNA/circRNA? -- Dual luciferase reporter gene assay Do you want to know what the transcription factor is to a downstream gene? -- Dual luciferase reporter gene assay Yes, the dual luciferase system is so powerful! Dual luciferase reporter genes usually use firefly luciferase as the reporter gene and renilla luciferase as the reference gene. The reporter system has the advantages of rapid detection, high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and no intracellular active interference. It is widely used in the research fields of gene regulation and non-coding RNA targeted interaction. Today, we will…

2023-08-04 590 views

Summer stock season, biochemical kits have been equipped for you

Biochemical kits are obviously used for biochemical testing, but what is biochemical testing? Biochemical detection, as the name suggests, refers to the use of biological or chemical methods to detect samples. The determination indexes are usually biochemical indexes such as enzymes, sugars, lipids, protein and non-protein nitrogen, inorganic elements, etc., or body function indexes. Common biochemical tests can be divided into two simple categories: enzyme activity tests and substrate or product tests. For example, according to the specific effects of the indicators, it can be divided into: oxidation and antioxidant series, glutathione series, amino acid metabolism series, lipid metabolism series, nitrogen metabolism series, coenzyme I series, coenzyme II series, neurotransmitter series, vitamin series, sugar metabolism series, ion series, esterase series,…

2023-07-19 553 views

CheKine™|Operation difficulties summer customs clearance

Hello, everyone. Recently, the Abbkine CheKine™ cell metabolomics product line has been popular again! The reason for the fire is very simple: they are beautifully packaged, superior materials, excellent experimental results, and open the door to the quantitative detection of biochemical substances. Abbkine CheKine™ cell metabolomics product line includes a large number of related metabolites, enzymes, nutrition and metabolite quantitative detection kits, etc. Abbkine CheKine™ cell metabolomics product line includes a large number of related metabolites, enzymes, nutrition and metabolite quantitative detection kits, etc. Features and Advantages High sensitivity, the method is based on optimized colorimetry, higher sensitivity, no radioactivity, safe and stable; Suitable for a variety of samples, including animal and plant tissues, cells, bacteria, fungi, serum, plasma; The experimental…

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This summer without regret, SuperKine™ Lipo3.0 efficient transfection reagents rooting for the college entrance examination

In the process of passing cell transfection, friends may meet with difficulties, such as: The transfection efficiency is low, the signal is not obvious; The compatibility of low transfection reagent, vulnerable to the influence of serum and antibiotics; The transfection of siRNA regulation of gene expression effect is not obvious. Fig. The transfection effect of HEK293T cells (A), Hela cells (B), and Cos-7 cells (C) using Lipo3.0 Transfection Reagent The SuperKine ™ Lipo3.0 efficient transfection reagent is a very effective new type cationic liposome transfection reagent, applicable to a variety of animal cell plasmid DNA and siRNA transfection, for the majority of animal cell has a high transfection efficiency. Fig1 Transfection reagent transfection principle. With more advantages: High transfection efficiency:…

2023-06-12 991 views