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Such excellent special fetal bovine serum, how can anyone not know?

Date:2023-09-28 Views:463

When the delicate cells need for laboratory to develop, you need a high quality premium fetal bovine serum;

When cell toxicology experiments need to operate under GMP conditions, you need a high-quality special grade fetal bovine serum;

When precious cell cultures need to avoid contamination of the serum source, you need a premium fetal calf serum;

When there is a lack of quality assurance in cell culture serum, you need a good quality extra grade fetal bovine serum.


Bovine serum is the largest natural medium used in cell culture, containing rich nutrients necessary for cell growth, and is often used in cell culture in vitro.The pH value, osmotic pressure, hemoglobin concentration, endotoxin level, total protein and other indicators of this product are qualified; Low endotoxin, no bacterial, mycoplasma, bacteriophage, virus and other contamination;Does not contain any artificial added ingredients, does not contain hormones, antibiotics, etc.. This product can be applied to a variety of conventional cell culture, to provide cells with necessary nutrients and a variety of growth factors, effectively promote cell growth. This product has been filtered by 0.1 μm to remove bacteria, and can be used after slow thawing at 4℃. It has the following obvious advantages:

1. Controllable source: traceable fetal bovine blood, through GMP grade production;

2. No pollution: after 0.1μm filtration to remove bacteria, low endotoxin, no bacteria, mycoplasma, bacteriophage, virus and other pollution;

3. Excellent effect: the effect of cell culture is excellent, suitable for the culture of delicate cells such as primary cells;

4. Quality assurance: through a number of quality tests, more than 100,000 times of cell culture verification, to provide a reliable guarantee for the experiment.


A wide range of cell types have been validated, including:

Primary cells of various tissues, immune cells, nerve cells, mesenchymal stem cells, etc. Such as NRVM, VSMC, bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, gastric Ags, 4T1, DC2.4, MCF-7, Raw264.7, 293T, HepG2, MDA-MB-231 cells, caco-2, MCF-10a, 92-1, MC3T3, MDBK, MH7A, astrocytes, human embryonic lung Cells, deer antler stem cells, macrophages, etc.


The main components of fetal bovine serum are a topic of great concern to everyone. Here is a brief introduction to you. Abbkine special grade fetal bovine serum contains:

All kinds of necessary protein: albumin, globulin, fibronectin, transferrin, etc;

1. Factors: various growth factors;

2. Need the hormone insulin, and promote growth hormone, cortisol, etc;

3. Other trace elements, vitamins, ion, etc.;

4. Unclear components: Because fetal bovine serum is a natural biological product, there are still some unclear biological components in FBS.


About the small knowledge of fetal bovine serum, small series in constantly listening to the voice of customers, compiled a set of FAQ, for everyone to learn and reference, remember to collect this article, so that you can read and learn at any time.

Q1  do we need heat inactivation after we get our serum?

A1 Abbkine super fetal bovine serum were treated with the inactivated before the factory, so in general, don't need to redo the inactivated.


Q2 Sometimes there are suspended substances/flocculent precipitates in the serum after thawing, how to deal with it?

A2 is mainly caused by lipoprotein denaturation in serum and fibrin in serum after thawing. These flocculents will not affect the quality of serum itself, and can be removed by 400g centrifugation for 5 minutes, or without treatment.


Q3 super fetal bovine serum can be used in stem cell culture?

A3 Most types of stem cells can be cultured, it is recommended to do a preliminary test before use.


Q4 special fetal bovine serum was obtained from what gestational age of fetal bovine?

A4 gestational age 4 to 5 months.


Q5 What viruses have been detected in fetuses with Q5 special fetal bovine serum?

A5 BVDV, PI3, BAV - 3, BPV, REO3, Rabies virus types.


Q6 How to store and thaw fetal bovine serum without compromising product quality?

A6 After removing the serum from the freezer, it was first placed in the refrigerator at 2-8 ° C to thaw, and then completely melted at room temperature. Pay attention to in the process of the melt must be regularly shaking evenly.

When stored at 2-8 ° C for a long time, various proteins and lipoproteins (such as cold agglutinin, fibrinogen, glassonectin, etc.) in serum may aggregate and form precipitates or visible opacities. Therefore, if stored at 4, do not exceed a week. Long-term storage is recommended below -20. If you cannot use up one bottle at a time, it is recommended to asepsis pack the serum into an appropriate sterilized container, and then put it back into the freezer, and avoid repeated freezing and thawing. It can be stored for five years.


Q7 How to avoid precipitation in serum?

A7 When using serum, there are six main points to pay attention to:

(1) thawing serum, please keep shaking evenly, make temperature and homogeneous, reducing the occurrence of precipitation.

(2) When serum is packed and frozen, it must be shaken regularly (careful not to cause bubbles) to make the temperature and composition uniform.

(3) Do not directly thaw from -20 ° C to 37 ° C, because the temperature change is too large, it is easy to cause protein condensation and precipitation.

(4) Do not leave the serum at 37 ° C for too long, otherwise the serum will become cloudy, and many of the more unstable components in the serum will be destroyed, thus affecting the quality of the serum.

(5) Heat inactivation of serum is very easy to cause an increase in precipitates, and this step may not be required if it is not necessary.

(6) if must do heat inactivated serum, 56 , please observe the principle of 30 minutes, and shaking evenly at any time. Too high temperature, too long or uneven shaking will cause an increase in sediment.

Such excellent products, here to warmly recommend, with us in the cell culture experiment series also added more members, help scientific research partners in the cytological experiments.

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