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The coolest new products in the research circle are here! CheKine™ microquantitative test kits and recombinant proteins help you explore cells with ease!

Date:2023-11-10 Views:663

Hey, research explorers! Just like that, the long-awaited tech products are dazzlingly here again! The latest CheKine™ product line helps you play freely in the field of microquantitative detection, with super cool recombinant proteins adding more excitement to cell exploration! Come and check out these trendy new favorites!


Microquantitative test kits, exploring cellular energy


Glycogen synthase activity assay kit: Not only fast and accurate, but also gives you a novel way to analyze cellular energy metabolism, turning you into a cellular energy superhero in seconds!


Starch assay kit: Detailed and accurate, helping you deeply analyze the role of starch in organisms, playing with starch research, making you the little prince/princess of the starch research world!


α-Glucosidase activity assay kit: Microquantitative technology helps you play with enzyme activity research, exploring the brand-new fun of carbohydrate metabolism, making you a cool presence in the field of carbohydrate research!


Catalog No NAME SIZE
KTB1341 CheKine™ Micro Glycogen synthase (GCS) Activity Assay Kit 48 T/96T
KTB1371 CheKine™ Micro Starch Assay Kit 96T
KTB1015 CheKine™ Micro α-glucosidase (α-GC) Activity Assay Kit 96T


Recombinant proteins help your cells explore.


GDF3, FGF9, FGF1, GDF5: These cool recombinant human growth and differentiation factors and fibroblast growth factors transform your cell culture into cell growth wizards, taking you on a journey through cell differentiation and proliferation!


BMP-4, AREG, CNTF: These amazing recombinant proteins bring a fresh perspective to your cellular biology research, guiding you to explore the unknown realms of the cellular world!


Catalog No NAME SIZE
PRP1070 Human GDF3 Protein 5 μg/20 μg/100 μg/1 mg
PRP1071 Human FGF9 Protein 5 μg/20 μg/100 μg/1 mg
PRP1152 Mouse FGF1 Protein 5 μg/20 μg/100 μg/1 mg
PRP1073 Human GDF5 Protein 5 μg/20 μg/100 μg/1 mg
PRP1074 Human BMP-4 Protein 5 μg/20 μg/100 μg/10 mg
PRP1075 Human AREG Protein 5 μg/20 μg/100 μg/1 mg
PRP1222 Rat CNTF Protein 5 μg/20 μg/100 μg/1 mg


Come join the Abbkine research trend, equipped with the coolest and latest products, to challenge the limits of scientific research and become the king of cell exploration! Take action now!


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