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Cell labeling/Tracing

Cell staining and tracer reagents are important tools for tracking cells in complex environments, and are widely used in cell migration, wound healing and stem cell differentiation studies. Cell motion and localization studies require specialized probe dyes that are non-toxic to living cells and available in a variety of fluorescent colors at the same time to match different instrumental laser wavelengths and filters, and can be co-stained with antibody markers or other cell analysis marker probes.
Abbkine’s TraKine™ Pro series of Live cell staining kits are suitable for staining live cell microtubules and lysosomes, combined with super-resolution microscopy, for perfect observation of the dynamics of the three-dimensional space inside the cell. The TraKine™ series can stain living or stationary cells and their organelles such as cell membrane, nucleus, mitochondria, F-actin and other subcellular structures. We also provide: live/dead cell double staining kit, live cell tracer kit (green fluorescence), ghost cyclic peptide, Cy, Hoechst, DAPI and other series of fluorescent probes to meet a variety of cell labeling and tracing needs.

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Features and Advantages

  • High fluorescence signal-to-noise ratio and strong light stability;
  • Live cell staining series, non-toxic probe, can maintain cell activity, stained cells can continue to be used for culture;
  • A variety of subcellular structure staining probes are randomly selected, and the probe colors are diverse;
  • Wide sample types.
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