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Cell Status Detection

In all stages of cell growth, proliferation, migration and apoptosis, cells are strictly regulated by many factors, which is a complicated and dynamic process. Multi-parameter analysis is very important for accurate detection of this process. At the same time, understanding the mechanism of cell death and survival is also a key content in toxicology analysis and drug discovery. Abbkine provide various detection methods, including: Caspase activity detection; cell counting, cell proliferation, cell senescence, TUNEL apoptosis; membrane change detection (Annexin V staining, membrane potential, mitochondrial functional analysis); cell cytotoxicity analysis, etc.

CCK-8、LDH、EdU cell proliferation/toxicity detection kit ; Annexin V、TUNEL、Mitochondrial Membrane Potential, Caspase and other cell Apoptosis Detection kit and cell senescence staining kit.

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Features and Advantages

  • CCK-8 kit (cell proliferation / toxicity detection)—— easy to use, only need 3 steps, less than 15 minutes; much higher sensitivity than MTT、XTT、MTS and WST-1; very low cytotoxicity, cells can be used in downstream experiments; in no need of organic solvents or isotope;
  • LDH toxicity analysis kit (cytotoxicity)—— determine the LDH,LDH released by damaged cells can formulate pyruvate and NADH by catalyze lactic acid, and NADH can transfer tetrazolium salt MTT to formazan by electronic carrier. The transfer form showed maximum absorption at 565 nm and the absorbance was proportional to the amount of LDH.
  • Cell proliferation EdU detection kit (cell proliferation)—— no need to use antibodies, easy to operate; no DNA denaturation, maintain cell morphology and DNA integrity; simple, efficient, finish within 30 minutes; high sensitivity in detection .
  • Mitochondrial membrane potential detection (JC-1, apoptosis) was optimized for fluorescence microscope and flow cytometry. When using fluorescence microscope to observe cells, adherent cells did not need trypsin digestion which maintain cell morphology and integrity. Contains positive control CCCP which induce the decrease of mitochondrial membrane potential
  • TUNEL apoptosis detection (apoptosis) was optimized for fluorescence microscope and flow cytometry. It is suitable for adherent cells, suspended cells, paraffin embedded tissue sections and frozen sections.
  • Caspase activity detection kit (apoptosis)—— quick and convenient operation, can read the value only in three steps, and can measure the enzyme activity directly by the standard curve.
  • Cell senescence detection kit (cell senescence) is used for senescence detection of cultured cells and tissue sections. Staining senescent cells only, not staining presenescent cells, quiescent cells, immortal cells or tumor cells