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Protein labeling

Abbkine LinKine™ labeling kit enables rapid labeling of proteins, enzymes and fluorescent molecules such as HRP, AP, Biotin, FITC, AbFluor™ to biological macromolecules containing free primary amino groups, such as antibodies, proteins, peptides, etc. To meet the drug research and development, diagnostic kit development and other scientific research needs. The use of direct primary antibody in immune experiments avoids the use of secondary antibodies, thus avoiding the tedious incubation and washing operations in the experiment, greatly shortening the experiment time, saving worry and effort, and has great advantages. At the same time to provide a variety of specifications of packaging to meet your diverse needs. Conjugated labeled antibodies are compatible with various immunological applications, such as ELISA, flow cytometry, western blotting, immunohistochemistry, and immunofluorescence.

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Features and Advantages

  • The reactive group is stable, and the coupling product with high labeling rate and high stability can be obtained in 3 steps;
  • The labeled antibody is compatible with WB, FCM, IHC, IF, ELISA and other immunological applications;
  • The kit contains a purification column for rapid and effective removal of unreacted components, ensuring high protein recovery.
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