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Buy Abbkine selected primary antibodies, get high quality secondary antibodies

Date:2020-02-09 Views:1543

Abbkine's selected primary antibodies are the first choice for reliable trust, featuring a selection of popular research targets, strict quality control and quality assurance. We are grateful for everyone's recognition of this product line. In order to allow more customers to use good products and send out high-score articles, we are now launching the activity of buying selected primary antibodies and get high quality secondary antibodies.

Promotion time: From now to December 31th, 2020

Details of activities:

As long as you buy selected primary antibodies, you can get designated high quality secondary antibodies (size: 100ul) for free or at a very preferential price. Designated secondary antibodies are as follows,

Product nameCat#CitationSizeList Price($)Preferential Price($)
HRP, Goat Anti-Mouse IgGA21010131100ul250
HRP, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgGA21020147100ul250
DyLight 488, Goat Anti-Mouse IgGA2321079100ul4015
Dylight 488, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgGA23220107100ul4015
Dylight 549, Goat Anti-Mouse IgGA2331024100ul4015
Dylight 549, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgGA2332059100ul4015
Dylight 594, Goat Anti-Mouse IgGA2341030100ul4015
Dylight 594, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgGA2342046100ul4015
Dylight 649, Goat Anti-Mouse IgGA2361013100ul4015
Dylight 649, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgGA2362018100ul4015
Dylight 800, Goat Anti-Mouse IgGA239104100ul4015
Dylight 800, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgGA2392012100ul4015
IFKine™ Green Donkey Anti-Mouse IgGA2421111100ul7020
IFKine™ Green Donkey Anti-Rabbit IgGA2422112100ul7020
IFKine™ Red Donkey Anti-Mouse IgGA244115100ul7020
IFKine™ Red Donkey Anti-Rabbit IgGA2442122100ul7020
IPKine™ HRP, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG LCSA2501213100ul7020
IPKine™ HRP, Mouse Anti-Rabbit IgG LCSA250229100ul7020
IPKine™ HRP, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG HCSA251128100ul7020
IPKine™ HRP, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG HCSA252227100ul7020

* IFKine™antibodies: IFKine™ are series of specially optimized secondary antibodies with improved brightness, photostability and less nonspecific hybridization and background. Donkey host and other species of serum/IgG absorbed make it ideal choice for fluorescence staining, especially in fluorescence multiple labelling.

*IPKine™ antibodies: 25 kD or 50 kD protein detection on Western blots after Immunoprecipitation is often suffered from heavy or light chain blotting contamination. Abbkine’s  IPKine™ products could solve these problems and bring you satisfying results with good performance.