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New arrival: Traffic explosion products hit hard, tailored for your experiment

Date:2021-09-30 Views:2149

The new products of Abbkine is coming! There are 5 new products in this issue. The details are as follows:

BMU104-EN SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium 10 mL
BMU105-EN SuperKine™ Protein Gel Fast Staining Solution (Coomassie Blue) 250 mL×2
KTD103-EN Cell Proliferation Assay Cocktail 1 kit
KTD104-EN Universal IP/Co-IP Toolkit (Magnetic Beads) 20T
KTD105-EN Universal IP/Co-IP Toolkit (Agarose) 20T

Part one: SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium

SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium is mainly composed of high-purity glycerol, which is used to mount fluorescent tissue and cell samples, it contains antifade quencher components, which can protect the entire visible spectrum and infrared spectrum, prevent fluorescence signal quenching, have a strong anti-fluorescence attenuation effect, and help keep the antigen and antibody in the sample in a combined state. At the same time, it helps to keep the antigen and antibody in the binding state in the sample.

Unique advantages:

  1. Strong anti-fluorescence quenching effect:

Stored away from light for more than 2 weeks, the original luminous intensity can still be maintained.

  1. High compatibility:

The carefully optimized formula is compatible with a variety of fluorescent dyes.

  1. Easy to operate:

Ready-to-use, no configuration required.


Fig.1 SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium were compared with antifade mounting medium from A manufcturer and B manufcturer. The SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium from Abbkine showed much brighter fluorescent.

Part Two: SuperKine™ Protein Gel Fast Staining Solution (Coomassie Blue)

Coomassie brilliant blue is a commonly used dye for the visualization of proteins (separated by protein gel electrophoresis). Under acidic conditions, Coomassie brilliant blue binds to the alkaline and hydrophobic residues of the protein, and the color is dark blue. The ready-to-use SuperKine Protein Gel Fast Staining Solution (Coomassie Blue) developed by Abbkine has the advantages of short dyeing time, clear color rendering, good repeatability and high safety, and a clear and clean background can be obtained without decolorization. Based on the classical Coomassie brilliant blue staining principle, the target proteins recovered after staining can be used for subsequent mass spectrometry experiments or sequencing analysis.

Unique advantages:

  1. Fast response: Dyeing can be done in as fast as 10 minutes.
  2. High security: No need for decolorization of methanol and ethanol, no need for decolorization.
  3. High sensitivity: Can detect proteins as low as 10 ng.


Fig.2 SuperKine™ Protein Gel Fast Staining Solution (Coomassie Blue) was used to stained BSA and compared with staining solutions from A manufcturer and B manufcturer.The sample loading are Marker, 10 ng, 20 ng, 50 ng, 100 ng, 200 ng, 500 ng, 1000 ng, 2000 ng, 5000 ng, Marker respectively. The SuperKine™ Protein Gel Fast Staining Solution (Coomassie Blue) from Abbkine showed much clearer and cleaner results, no matter they were stained for 15 min or 1 h.

Part Three: Cell Proliferation Assay Cocktail (KTD103-EN)

Cell proliferation is a process of increasing the number of cells by means of cell division, which will produce many important changes, including the synthesis of DNA, the increase of cell metabolism, the expression of proliferation-specific proteins and so on. Based on the new generation of AbFluor™ fluorescent staining technology, Abbkine has developed a cocktail set that can accurately detect cell proliferation directly at the DNA level, and at the same time achieve high-throughput detection of cell proliferation at the level of cell metabolism. The kit contains a patented cytotoxicity positive reference substance, which can perfectly solve the problem of non-standardization of current proliferation test results.

Component name:

Cocktail components Size
Cell Proliferation EdU Image Kit (Green Fluorescence) 100 T
Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8) 2000 T
Cytotoxicity Postive Control 100 T

Unique advantages:

  1. Standardized solution for cell proliferation research

It can detect cell proliferation status most directly and accurately, and it can be also chosen as high-throughput detection detection, which covers most cell proliferation/toxicity detection needs.

  1. Universal proliferation/toxicity detection kit

The patented cytotoxicity positive reference substance can perfectly solve the problem of non-standardization of proliferation/toxicity test results at present.


HEK293 and L929 cells in the positive control group were induced by cytotoxicity inducer for 30 min, while the control group was not given any treatment.

Fig.3 Enhanced Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8) was used to detect the cytotoxicity of HEK293 and L929 cells after cytotoxicity induction.

Fig.4 Cell Proliferation EdU Image Kit (Green Fluorescence) was used to detect the cytotoxicity of HEK293 cells after cytotoxicity induction.

Part Four: Universal IP/Co-IP Toolkit

As an important part of many proteomics-related studies, IP/Co-IP can be used to detect the existence of proteins, relative abundance, up-and-down expression of proteins, stability and interaction of proteins and so on. Based on the cumbersome and time-consuming operation of traditional IP/Co-IP experiments, a wide variety of reagents, and poor stability and reliability of experimental results, Abbkine has developed a universal and standardized immunoprecipitation (IP/Co-IP) toolbox. It can meet the needs of most users and is the best choice for IP/Co-IP testing experiments.

Unique advantages:

  1. Efficient: Efficient antibody binding capacity and low protein non-specific adsorption rate, saving antibody consumption.
  2. Convenient and universal: Contain all the necessary buffers needed for IP/Co-IP and WB experiments, it can meet the requirements of sample IP/Co-IP or WB at the same time.
  3. Reliable and stable: It contains ready-to-use IP negative control, which can eliminate the non-specific binding of IgG itself to the target protein or other specific biomolecules to ensure the specificity of IP antibodies, and contains unique IPkineTM secondary antibodies to perfectly eliminate heavy chain interference.

Fig.5 Protein was extracted from the non-denaturing Lysis Buffer, then it was verified by Co-IP. While the whole cell lysates (Input) and Co-IP samples were validated with Stat 1 monoclonal antibody, Stat 2 polyclonal antibody, and GAPDH monoclonal antibody respectively by WB.



Cell and protein research tools

Abbkine focuses on the fields of proteinology and cytology, and is committed to the innovation and research and development of various antibodies, proteins, analytical reagents and kits, in order to become a key promoter in the development of life science research, drug development and other fields. We provide you with the favorite products of protein and immune research users, from basic immunological products, such as protein extraction and quantification, to internal reference label antibodies, primary antibodies and secondary antibodies for immunological experiments; the favorite products of cell research users, from Dyes and kits for detecting cell status, organelle extraction kits, cell substructure staining and tracking and cell metabolism detection products, to cytokine and protein detection kits for cell culture, just to help your research career !