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The convenient method of protein extraction

Date:2022-01-25 Views:651

When we conduct various biological experiments, we often deal with proteins. Proteins are indispensable organic substances for life, and they are also the verification objects of our immunological experiments (WB/IP/IF/ELISA, etc.). Therefore, The beginning of a perfect experiment is protein extraction. How to quickly and completely extract protein? How to efficiently perform protein extraction? This is a problem we often encounter in experiments. A good start is half of the success of the experiment. Let's explore the mystery of the beginning together.

1.Background of protein extraction

In the process of protein extraction and preparation, since there are many types of proteins in the sample, the properties are very different. Even if they are the same type of protein, the extraction methods are also different due to different materials, and they are in different systems. There will be a one-size-fits-all program for the extraction and separation of various types of proteins.

2.The method of protein extraction

Abbkine has developed different types of protein extraction kits, which basically cover applications in various scenarios and have multiple advantages. The extracted protein has natural activity, the protein yield is very high, and it is pure and pollution-free, suitable for a variety of downstream experiments. , which is an efficient and good assistant on your experimental road.

Product advantages:

  • Versatile—suitable for fresh mammalian cultured cells and tissues with little or no cross-contaminations.
  • Fast and convenient—non-denatured, active proteins are purified in less than two hours.
  • Compatible—apply in various downstream assays, including Western blotting, gel-shift assays, protein assays, reporter gene assays and enzyme activity assays.

There is also a well-developed and marketed column-based protein extraction kit (animal/plant), which fills the gap of domestic protein extraction column-based methods, improves the efficiency of protein extraction, and extracts protein quickly and stably, no longer necessary to get lost in the tedious steps.

Brilliant things to recommend:

Catalog No Product Name Size Price/$
KTP3001 ExKine™ Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Protein Extraction Kit 50T/200T 139/299
KTP3002 ExKine™ Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit 50T/200T 109/249
KTP3003 ExKine™ Cytoplasmic Protein Extraction Kit 50T/200T 109/249
KTP3004 ExKine™ Total Membrane Protein Extraction Kit 50T/200T 109/249
KTP3005 ExKine™ Membrane and Cytoplasmic Protein Extraction kit 50T/200T 119/279
KTP3006 ExKine™ Total Protein Extraction Kit 50T/200T 109/249
BMP1001 Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (100X) 1 mL/1 mL×5 59/149
KTP3007 ExKine™ Pro Total Protein Extraction Kit for Animal Cultured Cells/Tissues 5T/50T 39/179
KTP3008 ExKine™ Pro Total Protein Extraction Kit for Plant Tissues 5T/50T 39/219



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