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This summer without regret, SuperKine™ Lipo3.0 efficient transfection reagents rooting for the college entrance examination

Date:2023-06-12 Views:507

In the process of passing cell transfection, friends may meet with difficulties, such as:

  1. The transfection efficiency is low, the signal is not obvious;
  2. The compatibility of low transfection reagent, vulnerable to the influence of serum and antibiotics;
  3. The transfection of siRNA regulation of gene expression effect is not obvious.

Fig. The transfection effect of HEK293T cells (A), Hela cells (B), and Cos-7 cells (C) using Lipo3.0 Transfection Reagent

The SuperKine ™ Lipo3.0 efficient transfection reagent is a very effective new type cationic liposome transfection reagent, applicable to a variety of animal cell plasmid DNA and siRNA transfection, for the majority of animal cell has a high transfection efficiency.

Fig1 Transfection reagent transfection principle.

With more advantages:

  1. High transfection efficiency: the conventional animal cells, such as HEK293 and HeLa, average transfection efficiency is as high as 90-95%;

Table 1 compare different competing goods transfection efficiency


  1. Good compatibility: easy to operate, not affected by serum and antibiotics, can not replace the medium before and after transfection.
  2. The effect is remarkable: transfection siRNA regulation of gene expression effect is remarkable.

Fig.2 transfection associated cells after siRNA mRNA expression.


Small make up the collection for the finishing of the common questions as follows:

  1. The effect of the reagent after transfection probably can last a few days?

Different cells and plasmid expressing, transient transfection generally 24-72 - h proteins can be expressed, it is generally believed no more than 1 week.

  1. The reagent can be multiple different molecular weight of plasmid transfection total?

You can, it is recommended that the preliminary experiment test transfection effect.

  1. The reagent shake well before use if need?

Severe vibration wave is not recommended, if necessary, can be gently shake.

  1. How to improve the transfection efficiency of the reagent?

Recommend the use of high purity, no bacterial endotoxin of DNA or RNA is helpful to obtain high transfection efficiency, before transfection cells must be in good condition.

  1. How to avoid the reagent cell toxicity?

The transfection reagent nearly non-toxic, but does not rule out a small amount of specific cell types have certain toxicity, this kind of situation are as follows:

  1. Before transfection, prolong cell ceiling to 18 to 24 hours;
  2. Try to reduce the dosage of transfection reagents or plasmid;
  3. When improving transfection cell density appropriately, the transfection cell density can be adjusted to 70-90%.

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