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Protein Quantification- Reliable and Stable Choice of Excellence

Date:2020-01-16 Views:1466

Accurate protein quantification is necessary for protein-related experiments that involve research in molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, developmental biology, and neuroscience. Abbkine protein quantification products include Protein Quantification Kits (BCA Assay and Bradford Assay), SuperLumia ECL HRP Substrate Kit, Protein Gel Flash Staining Kit, Colorcode Prestained Protein Marker and so on.

Protein Quantification Kits

Featured products:

1. Protein Quantification Kits (BCA Assay)

• Save time—Easier and 4x faster than traditional Lowry methods.

• High sensitivity—The detection line is as low as 25ug/ml, and the minimum detection protein is 0.5ug.

• Good compatibility—unaffected by most ionic and non-ionic detergents. Compatible with up to 5% SDS, 5% Triton X-100, 5% Tween-20, 60, 80 in the sample.

• Excellent linearity-linear standard curve range: 50– 1000ug/ml.

• Good stability—Protein-to-protein differences are smaller compared to dye-bound methods.

2. Protein Quantification Kits (Bradford Assay)

• Save time-rapid color development.

• Good compatibility—unaffected by most chemicals. The compatible concentrations of mercaptoethanol and dithiothreitol in the samples can reach 1mM and 5mM, respectively.

• Good detection range—The detection range is 50-1000ug/ml.


SuperLumia ECL HRP Substrate Kit developed by Abbkine is based on the classic peroxidase substrate system innovation and optimization. It is used to enhance chemiluminescence (ECL) and can directly replace other expensive ECL products without re-optimizing experimental conditions. It is the perfect combination of superior quality and affinity price.

Protein Gel Flash Staining Kit

Protein staining can be detected in the range of 10ng to 5μg, which only takes 0.5-1hours. It is about 5-10 times more sensitive than the traditional Coomassie R-250 dye.

Fig1. Various volumes of BSA samples were separated on 10% SDS-PAGE, stained with protein gel flash staining working solution for 30 minutes.

Protein Marker

Abbkine's Colorcode Prestained Protein Marker (10-180 kDa) contains 3 colors, totaling 10 protein standards (10, 17, 25, 33, 40, 53, 70, 95, 130, 180 kDa). The orange band is 70 kDa; the green band is 10 kDa. Thaw at room temperature. Mix gently and thoroughly to ensure a homogeneous solution.

Fig2. Image is from a 15% Tris-glycine gel (SDS-PAGE) transferred to membrane using Abbkine Colorcode Prestained Protein Marker (10-180 kDa).

Abbkine Protein Quantification product recommendation:

Product name #Cat Szie Price ($)
Protein Quantification Kit (BCA Assay) KTD3001 500/2000/ 5000T 45/100/180
Protein Quantification Kit (Bradford Assay) KTD3002 500/2000/5000T 30/70/120
Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (100X) BMP1001 1ml/1ml*5 40/120
SuperLumia ECL HRP Substrate Kit K22020 30/100/200/500ml 30/75/140/280
SuperLumia ECL Plus HRP Substrate Kit K22030 30/100/200/500ml 45/110/210/440
Protein Gel Flash Staining Kit K21010 100/250/500ml 60/120/200
Colorcode Prestained Protein Marker (10-180 kDa) BMM3001 100μl/250μl*2/250μl*20 20/62/496
Colorcode Prestained Protein Marker (15-130 kDa) BMM3002 100μl/250μl*2/250μl*20 16/48/384