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Living cell staining, super-resolution Lysosome tracing

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Lysosome is an important organelle in animal cells. Its integrity is closely related to animal physiology and pathology. Lysosomes are vesicle-like organelles surrounded by a single membrane and containing a variety of acidic hydrolases. Their main function is to carry out intracellular digestion and specialize in decomposing various exogenous and endogenous macromolecular substances. Lysosomes in cells are heterogeneous, and the size and types of hydrolytic enzymes contained in lysosomes may vary greatly. The marker enzyme is acid phosphatase. Recent studies have found that phagocytes and lysosomes have bidirectional signaling functions. The ability of lysosomes to move towards transport vesicles is crucial for the degradation of biological macromolecules.

Unfortunately, the lysosomal dyes commonly used in the market are only suitable for the observation of cells on the plane, rather than the three-dimensional structure of cells. You will always see only uniform but featureless clouds of colors. A specific dye compatible with long-time super-resolution microscopic imaging technology (such as SIM, STED, TIRF, STORM, PALM) has become a research reagent urgently needed by researchers.

Abbkine has innovatively developed TraKine™ Pro series lysosome-specific fluorescent staining kit, in response to this research difficulty.

Product name Cat# Microscope compatibility
TraKine™ Pro Live-cell Lysosome Staining kit (Orange Fluorescence with Super Resolution) KTC4220 Fluorescence microscope,Confocal, STED, SIM, TIRF
TraKine™ Pro Live-cell Lysosome Staining kit (Deep Red Fluorescence with Super Resolution) KTC4210 Fluorescence microscope,Confocal, SIM, PALM, STORM, TIRF

 Confocal (confocal microscopes)

 STED(stimulated emission depletion)

 SIM(structured-illumination microscopy)

 PALM(photoactivation localization microscopy)

 STORM(stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy)

 TIRF(total internal reflection fluorescence imaging)

Take TraKine™ Pro Live-cell Lysosome Staining kit (Orange Fluorescence with Super Resolution) for example:


TraKine™ Pro Live-cell Lysosome Staining kit (Orange Fluorescence with Super Resolution) is a treasure-grade fluorescence imaging tool for staining lysosomes in living and fixed cells of mammals, with high specificity and low background. The patented probe in the kit consists of lysosome recognition unit and orange fluorescent dye (Ex/Em = 565/590nm), and has high fluorescence quantum yield and high light stability. Probes can selectively recognize and label lysosomes. It is especially suitable for long-term super-resolution imaging.


  • Optimized lysosomal staining scheme for living and fixed cells of mammals.
  • It is especially suitable for living cell research under laser Confocal microscope and long-term super-resolution microscope (such as SIM, STED, TIRF), and is perfectly used for observing cell dynamics in three-dimensional space.
  • Patented dye LysOrange™ (Ex/EM=565/590 nm)-High specificity, low background, perfect fluorescence stability.
  • Almost no cytotoxicity.


U2OS cells, dynamic SIM imaging results (Orange)
U2OS cells, dynamic SIM imaging results (Red) U2OS cells, dynamic SIM imaging results (Red)

*TraKine™ Pro is series of long-term super-resolution cell staining imaging portfolio for labeling subcellular structures of live and fixed cells. TraKine™ Pro proprietary excellent fluorescent dyes span the full UV-visible and near IR spectrum.

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