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TraKine™ Pro Live-cell Tubulin Staining kit-Your Best Choice for Cytoskeleton Study

Date:2019-03-11 Views:5167

【Review 】

TraKine™ Pro Live-cell Fluorescence Tool-Perfect compatibility with long-term super-resolution fluorescence imaging

As soon as the Abbkine TraKine™ Pro fluorescent dyes were released, they received high attention from living cell imaging researchers all over the world. With extremely high specificity, the probes can last for several hours in living cells, which is particularly suitable for studying the dynamics and interactions of subcellular structures in live cells for super-resolution imaging.

In eukaryotes, microtubules are one of the main components of cytoskeleton. Cytoskeleton is not only involved in supporting cells, but also related to almost all forms of cell movements, such as cell migration, transport of organelles and macromolecules. In addition, it is closely related to signal transduction and cell division. Tubulin is the basic structural unit of intracellular microtubules. There are two types of Tubulin, α-tubulin and β-tubulin. The two Tubulin proteins have similar three-dimensional structure and can be tightly combined into dimers to serve as subunits of microtubule assembly.

Cytoskeleton is a dynamic structure and plays an important role in many life processes. Immunofluorescence staining is very common in cytoskeletal studies, but it is mainly applicable to fixed or transmembrane treated cells, and cannot track the dynamic activities of living cells very well. Fusion fluorescent protein is also a labeling method, but it has been reported that fusion fluorescent protein has side effects on cell extension, migration and adhesion.

Abbkine TraKineTM Pro Live-cell Tubulin Staining kit is a fluorescence imaging tool for staining of Tubulin in mammalian living cells with high specificity and low background. The proprietary probe in the kit consists of a microtubule recognition unit and a fluorescent dye, the recognition unit can selectively recognize microtubules and binding with it. The whole probe is membrane impermeable, but after incubating with buffer T, it can enter cells through endocytosis pathway in vesicular compartments, and release into cytoplasm subsequently. It is especially suitable for Confocal and long-term super-resolution imaging (such as SIM, STED, TIRF, STORM and PALM).

Product name CAT #: Ex/Em(nm)
TraKine™ Pro Live-cell Tubulin Staining kit
(Green Fluorescence with Super Resolution)
KTC4100 500/520

Features & Benefits

Living cells labeling: Optimized staining protocol for labeling Tubulin in mammalian living cells

Stable and persistent: fluorescence can last for several hours and is ideal for monitoring dynamic

Safe: Low levels of cytotoxicity to cells

Super- resolution:especially suitable for Confocal and long-term super-resolution imaging (such as SIM, TIRF, STORM and PALM)

Verification system:has been tested in U2OS, APRE, Hela, 3T3 and cos-7 cell lines

Customizable: span the full UV-visible and near IR spectrum,

Perfect results are the best illustration

SIM imaging results of U2OS cells using Abbkine TraKine™ Pro Live-cell Tubulin Staining kit. The filamentous structure of microtubules can be clearly labeled.