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Selected Primary Antibodies

Abbkine focuses on Proteomics and Cytology, and is committed to the innovation and development of various scientific kits, proteins, antibodies and other research tools related to proteomics and cytology, expecting to accelerate the pace of life science research and drug discovery. Here, we present our newly launched selected primary antibodies, which involve hot target research areas, with high quality and bulk stock. Abbkine strongly launched selected primary antibody with high quality control, which will be your first reliable choice. The purification process of Selected Primary Antibody is affinity purification of antibody from mouse ascites or rabbit antiserum by affinity chromatography using epitope-specific immunogen. It is suitable for WB experiment, IHC experiment, IF experiment, IP experiment and ELISA experiment. See specific products for details.

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Features and Advantages

  • Selection -Our broad selection of validated, published and promised antibodies are targeted to key research areas like cell signaling, neuroscience, cytoskeleton, cancer, and epigenetics.
  • Trust-Enjoy complete confidence in your work with proven antibodies from the brands you trust, backed by our quality guarantee.
  • Expertise-Our knowledgeable technical support scientists are ready to help you with every aspect of your research, from antibody selection to troubleshooting.
  • Our most popular products are listed in this brochure, but you can see our complete selection by visiting Abbkine.com. Check back often – Abbkine is constantly developing new antibodies to novel targets
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