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Loading control topic | Loading control detection,the yardstick for measuring WB experiments

Date:2022-03-21 Views:1578

It is well known that the internal reference protein has a high and stable expression in most tissues and cells, which is an important reference to indicate that the samples in each well have the same protein load. Internal reference antibodies can also indicate the efficiency of the transfer membrane during western blotting.

Abbkine offers a full set of monoclonal, polyclonal reference antibodies and reference cocktail sets with high specificity and a wide variety of application types to meet the needs of most of your protein qualitative, quantitative and localization analysis. In addition to the common human, mouse and rat antibodies, we also provide internal reference antibodies of more other species, as well as large package customization services.

How to choose the appropriate internal reference antibody?

There are many kinds of internal reference antibodies, therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable internal reference antibody for your experiment!

  1. Consider sample species. For mammalian tissues and cells, the commonly used internal reference proteins are β-actin, Tubulin, GAPDH, Lamin B1, PCNA, Na+/K+ -ATPase, etc. For Plant samples, Plant actin and Rubisco are commonly used.
  2. Consider the molecular weight of the target protein. The selected reference protein should have a different molecular weight from the target protein (>5 KDa) in order to distinguish the target protein bands. For high molecular weight proteins (over 100 kDa), we recommend Vinculin as an internal reference.
  3. Consider the expression and location of the target protein, and select the corresponding internal reference, such as whole cell, nucleus, mitochondria, cell membrane, etc.
  4. Abnormal expression of internal reference proteins under certain conditions should be taken into account.

At this time, some friends will ask: "Since choosing the right internal reference antibody is so complicated, is there a product that can solve 80% of our sample internal reference detection problems after buying it?" In order to meet the "powder" experimental requirements, one-stop service to meet everybody's needs, for scientific research experts in subfamily tireless efforts, we have developed a general-purpose internal antibody cocktail dress, more in-depth understanding of the product, and avoid the experimental error in the experimental process, we conducted the experiment may encounter problems in the process of summary, everyone come and have a look.


Q: What is the universal internal reference antibody cocktail set?

A: The Universal Reference Antibody Cocktail Set provides a comprehensive and meticulous method for the rapid and convenient determination of reference protein content in a wide range of samples.

Q: What is the role of WB positive control samples in this kit?

A: Positive control lysates are used to show that the experiment is valid and correct, demonstrating that the target protein is not expressed in the sample. When setting up a new experiment, we strongly recommend the use of positive control lysates, which will enhance the reliability of the experiment.

Q: why to set up the combination of these three internal parameters into a cocktail?

A: Classical GAPDH, β -actin, and β -tubulin, which have been cited in hundreds of literatures, are the three most commonly used internal reference antibodies, which can be used for human, mouse, rat and other common species samples, and are widely used for internal reference of different sample types and molecular weight sizes.

Q: Can the components in the kit be separated and used separately?

A: Yes, the kit components can be used separately for their respective experiments, and the kit components (ABL1010, ABL1020, ABL 1030, BMU103-CN) can also be ordered separately.

Q: What are the advantages of this kit?

A: 1. Widely used. Three of the most commonly used internal reference antibodies can be applied to different sample types and molecular weight size of internal reference control, eliminating your choice of internal reference trouble.

2.Provide WB positive control. Samples can be directly loaded, WB experiment operation is more convenient.

3.Provide ready-to-use antibody diluents. Enhance the target band signal, eliminate background interference, make WB experiment operation easier.

4.This set is designed with unique patent to obtain unique WB internal reference experience.

Q: How can I buy something if YOU are so impressed?

A: At present, there are agents in most parts of the world, you can go to Abbkine wechat official account or www.abbkine.cn to check the information of local agents, you can also contact us. Better than action, now there are wonderful activities waiting for you.


Product recommendation

Product name Product NO. Size Price ($)
Universal Loading Control Antibody Cocktail KTD101-EN 1 Kit 159
Anti-β-Actin Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (1C7) ABL1010 50 uL/200 uL/200 uL *5 59/109/499
Anti-GAPDH Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (2B5) ABL1020 50 uL/200 uL/200 uL *5 59/109/499
Anti-β-Tubulin Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (3G6) ABL1030 50 uL/200 uL/200 uL *5 59/109/499
SuperKine™ Enhanced Antibody Dilution Buffer BMU103-EN 100 mL /500 mL 59/179



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