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His Tag Antibodies ||| Abbkine

Date:2018-06-15 Views:1512

Abbkine provides unconjugated and conjugated with AbFluor™ 350, 405, 488, 555, 594, 647,680, Cy3, Cy5, FITC, HRP, Agarose, Magnetic Beads antibodies for your studying in the His Tag Antibodies research area.

Immunofluorescence staining (1:2000) of HA fusion protein in 293 cells with red and counterstained with DAPI

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Conjugate Catalog no Applications Host
unconjugated A02050 WB, IF, IP Mouse
AbFluor™ 350 A02050A350 IF Mouse
AbFluor™ 405 A02050A405 IF Mouse
AbFluor™ 488 A02050A488 IF Mouse
AbFluor™ 555 A02050A555 IF Mouse
AbFluor™ 594 A02050A594 IF Mouse
AbFluor™ 647 A02050A647 IF Mouse
AbFluor™ 680 A02050A680 IF Mouse
Cy3 A02050CY3 IF Mouse
Cy5 A02050CY5 IF Mouse
FITC A02050FIT IF Mouse
Agarose A02050AGB IP Mouse
Magnetic Beads A02050MGB IP Mouse
unconjugated A02051 WB Rabbit
HRP A02051HRP WB Rabbit
HRP A02055 WB Mouse
unconjugated ABM40129 WB Mouse
unconjugated ABM40141 WB Mouse
unconjugated ABP50077 WB, ELISA Rabbit

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