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Universal IF Toolkit|Arrange the immunofluorescence experiment clearly

Date:2022-06-24 Views:327

When it comes to immunohistochemistry, as the name suggests, immunohistochemistry (IHC) uses antibodies to detect the localization of proteins and other antigens in tissue slices. Antibody-antigen interactions are detected by enzyme substrate colorimetry or by fluorescent dyes. Although IHC is not as quantitative as Western blotting or ELISA, it can provide valuable information on protein localization in the complete tissue background. Protein expression profiling is of great value to pathologists and can also be used as an important diagnostic tool.

The key to the success of IHC experiments lies in a stable, optimized, and reproducible staining protocol that uses high-quality specific reagents.

Here we will briefly talk about a major branch of immunohistochemistry immunofluorescence (IF), immunofluorescence experiments seem simple, but do but find that there are many difficulties:

1.Reagents: high precision requirements, the use of analysis, that is: instrument requirements, cumbersome operation, experimental table processing trouble;

2.Reagent purchase: There are many reagents for IF experiments, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false reagents purchased, that is, the difficult situation of rummaging through reagents on a treasure platform;

3.Fluorescence is easy to quench: ordinary fluorescein is prone to photobleaching and fluorescence quenching under laser irradiation;

4.The sensitivity of fluorescence multi-scale is not high: when doing immunofluorescence multi-standard, the signal-to-noise ratio is low, the background is deep, and the fluorescence signal is not distinct.

In order to solve the above problems, the scientists of Abbkine worked tirelessly and worked together to finally develop a toolbox designed for IF experiments to solve common problems in IF experiments.

Product Recommendation:

Product NO. Product Name Size Price
KTD107-EN Universal IF Toolkit (Anti-Rabbit Dylight 488) 100T $139
KTD108-EN Universal IF Toolkit (Anti-Mouse Dylight 488) 100T $139
KTD109-EN Universal IF Toolkit (Anti-Rabbit Dylight 594) 100T $139
KTD110-EN Universal IF Toolkit (Anti-Mouse Dylight 594) 100T $139

Universal IF Toolkit Features and Advantages

Immunofluorescence technology (IF) is based on the principle of antigen-antibody response, first of all, the known antigen or antibody is labeled with fluorescein, made into a fluorescent antibody, and then use this fluorescent antibody (or antigen) as a probe to detect the corresponding antigen (or antibody) in the tissue or cell. Based on the pain points of traditional IF experiment operations that are cumbersome and time-consuming, have a wide variety of reagents, and have poor stability and reliability of experimental results, Abbkine's Universal IF Toolkit is specially designed for IF experiments and is innovatively designed to make your IF experiments more convenient.

Product advantages and features:

(1) Easy to operate: complete components, no need to prepare complex reagents, providing a one-stop solution for IF experiments;

(2) Signal stability: provide optimized antibody dilution and SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium, strong anti-quenching effect, maintain excellent fluorescence intensity;

(3) High signal-to-noise ratio: Provides Dylight series secondary antibodies, with stronger fluorescence intensity and higher optical tolerance and specificity;

(4) Bright fluorescence: Containing Dylight dye-labeled secondary antibodies, it can be used to detect the corresponding primary antibody of species source, and exquisite fluorescence is observed.

Look at its component design, every detail, our R&D experts have taken into account the bit, for IF experiment enthusiasts to provide a real set of complete solutions, the details are amazing:

Product Name Universal IF Toolkit (Anti-Rabbit Dylight 488) Universal IF Toolkit (Anti-Mouse Dylight 488) Universal IF Toolkit (Anti-Rabbit Dylight 594) Universal IF Toolkit (Anti-Mouse Dylight 594)
Component DyLight 488, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG DyLight 488, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG DyLight 594, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG DyLight 594, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG
Immunostaining Permeabilization Buffer
EDTA Antigen Retrieval Solution pH 8.0 (20×)
PBS (20×)
Goat Serum Blocking Buffer
Antibody Wash Buffer (20×)
Antibody Dilution Buffer
DAPI (500×)
SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium
Product NO. KTD107-CN KTD108-CN KTD109-CN KTD110-CN
Size 100T 100T 100T 100T

Let's take stock of the differences between the results made by the IF toolkit and ordinary IF experiments:

1.Fluorescence stability comparison:

Long shooting time, fluorescence quenching.

The IF toolbox is supported by Abbkine anti-fluorescence quenching agentSuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium and antibody dilutions for signal stabilization

2.Fluorescent signal-to-noise ratio and sharpness contrast:

Ordinary fluorescent dyes have a low signal-to-noise ratio

With the blessing of the IF toolkit, the fluorescence multi-flag signal-to-noise ratio is high and the fluorescence is vivid


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