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Redefining cell migration assays. The Abbkine Cell Migration Assay Kit is online!

Date:2022-08-05 Views:525

If you are still using the cell scratch method for cell migration assays, you are out of date.

Cell migration assay is a method to detect the ability of cell migration and repair, which is commonly used to evaluate wound healing, cell differentiation, embryonic development and tumor metastasis. Although the traditionally used cell scratch method to detect cell migration can be visually observed, it cannot quantify cell migration. Abbkine Cell Migration Assay Kit, from a new perspective, integrates the visualization and quantification of cell migration.


Principle of Abbkine Cell Migration Assay Kit

Cell migration is the movement of cells after receiving a foreign signal or sensing a gradient of certain substances. It usually occurs in processes such as wound healing, cell differentiation, embryonic development and tumor metastasis. Abbkine's Transwell is an experimental technology that can simulate various mucosal and biological barrier systems of the body in vitro. The main material of this technology is the Transwell chamber. Abbkine's Cell Migration Assay Kit (24-well plate, 8 µm) uses a polycarbonate membrane (8 µm pore size) to measure the migration properties of cells. Put the Transwell chamber into the culture plate, the chamber is called the upper chamber, and the inside of the culture plate is called the lower chamber. The components in the lower medium can affect the cells in the upper chamber. By staining, the results of the migration experiment can be visualized quickly and easily, and the cell migration rate can be calculated by elution.

Required equipment: microscope, microplate reader


Advantages of Abbkine products

  1. Great price.
  2. The product components are complete and the operation is extremely convenient.
  3. Excellent cell migration and staining effects.
  4. Visualization and quantitative analysis of cell migration can be realized.
  5. Provide complete technical support services and after-sales service.

Figure 1. 24-well plate with matching chamber

The traditional cell migration assay principle:

The traditional cell migration analysis method is mostly cell scratch method, which is similar to the in vitro wound healing model. On the monolayer of adherent cells cultured in vitro or on a plate, streak the central area of cell growth with a micropipette tip or other hard object, remove the cells in the central part, and then continue to culture the cells for the time set in the experiment, remove on the cell culture plate, observe whether the surrounding cells grow to the central scratch area, so as to judge the growth and migration ability of the cells. The experiment usually needs to set a normal control group and an experimental group. For groups such as sex genes, the ability of cells in different groups to repair the scratch area can be used to determine the migration and repair ability of cells in each group.

Required equipment: microscope


Product recommendation:

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KTA5010 Cell Migration Assay Kit (24 well,8μM) 12T/12T*4 $419/999
KTA1020 Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8) 1000T/10000T $89/549
KTA3030 Senescence β-Galactosidase Staining Kit 100T $119


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