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PurKine™ Anti-DDDDK Tag Resin 4FF is the latest addition to the Abbkine PurKine™ resin family

Date:2017-05-11 Views:2243

PurKine™ Anti-DDDDK Tag Resin 4FF is the latest addition to the Abbkine PurKine™ resin familyWuhan, China. 430074, 11th May 2017. Abbkine Scientific has announced the launch of its new product, the PurKine™ Anti-DDDDK Tag Resin 4FF, otherwise known as Flag resin. The resin has gained popularity for being used in the affinity purification of Flag fusion proteins.

Consisting of 90μm beads of cross-linked 4% agarose, coupled with mouse monoclonal antibody against DYKDDDDK tag, the DDDDK Resin allows for optimization of the process. This subsequently leads to maximum protein yield, solubility, and stability.

The durability of the product, with several tests confirming no decrease in, is performance after more than five repeated uses is another premium feature of the product. Containing high flow properties, the PurKine™ Anti-DDDDK Tag Resin 4FF is a perfect choice for scaling-up.

Other features and benefits of the resin include high capacity with over 1mg DYKDDDDK-tagged protein per mL of resin and cost-effectiveness due to the possibility of several usages. It also has flexibility from being available in multiple formats that include bulk resin, spin columns and complete kits, and its “robustness” as its highly crosslinked beads tolerate linear flow rates up to 300cm/hour.

As a Liquid solution with 50% slurry in TBS containing 0.02% sodium oxide, the resin is available in prepacked spin column and kit formats.

Made exclusively for research use only, the manufacturer strongly prohibits the use of the product in human or clinical diagnosis.

About Abbkine Scientific Co. Ltd.

Abbkine Scientific Co. Ltd is a scientific research institute headquartered in China. Founded by a team of scientists and marketing experts, the serves the field of sciences by perfectly combining cutting edge technology from the United States with China's manufacturing engineering and cost advantages, to provide state-of-the-art recombinant proteins, antibodies, and other scientific research tools.


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