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Plant protein extraction (column method), botany experiment reliable helper

Date:2021-12-20 Views:945

We live in a world of diverse species, and plants are most closely related to our survival. With the passage of time and the progress of science and technology, while gradually revealing the truth of their own genes, human beings are also constantly exploring various functions of plant genes. Protein is the main undertaker of plant life activities. Therefore, in botany related research, the extraction of plant protein is an important basis and means of research.

We do plant model experiments, including: drug screening, virus transfection, environmental toxicology experiments, plant protein expression level detection, plant protein column extraction is the best choice for proteomics research partners.

When we need to accurately quantify plant protein, the extraction of complete protein by plant protein extraction kit will play a key role in protein extraction.

Of course, for plant protein extraction, there are many knowledge points can be shared with you.

First of all, what is protein extraction?

Protein extraction is a process in which the processed or broken cells are placed in certain conditions and solutions to be fully released by the extract.

What are the factors that affect protein extraction?

It is mainly the solubility of the extracted substance in the extracted solution and the difficulty of diffusion from solid phase to liquid phase.

What are the principles and precautions of protein extraction experiment?

  1. Complete or reduce the sample complexity as far as possible, and concentrate on extracting the target protein;
  2. Keep the protein in the dissolved state (through the selection of pH concentration of the lysate, surfactant, reducing agent, etc.);
  3. The extraction process prevents protein degradation, aggregation, precipitation, modification, etc. (low temperature operation, adding appropriate protease and phosphatase inhibitors);
  4. try to remove nucleic acids, polysaccharides, lipids and other interfering molecules (by adding nuclease or adopting different extraction strategies);
  5. sample packaging, long-term storage at -80℃, to avoid repeated freeze-thaw.

What is plant protein column extraction kit?

Cat NO. Product name Size Function
KTP3008 ExKine™ Pro Total Protein Extraction Kit for Plant Tissues 5T/50T Total protein extraction from plant tissue

ExKine™ Pro Total Protein Extraction Kit for Plant Tissues (column method),a new generation of ultra-fast protein extraction tool. More and more evidence suggests that the most commonly used RIPA buffer may lead to random loss of proteins, resulting in a lot of difficult data to interpret. ExKine™ Pro Plant Tissue Total Protein Extraction Kit (Column method) uses centrifugal string extraction technology combined with optimized lysis buffer to extract total protein faster and more efficiently without liquid nitrogen grinding, enabling more accurate WB results. It only takes 2-8 min to extract total protein from 50-200 mg plant tissue using centrifugal tube. The yield can reach 2-8 mg/mL. This kit is suitable for sdS-PAGE, WB and other applications. What are the advantages of this kit?

  • Convenient and fast: the experiment is simple, the whole journey takes 8 minutes.
  • Multi-purpose: suitable samples, plant tissue leaves, seeds, soft stems, roots.
  • High protein yield: extract total protein from 50-200 mg plant tissue, the yield can reach 2-8 mg/mL.
  • Easy to operate: No liquid nitrogen grinding, optimized cracking buffer for more efficient protein extraction.
  • Good compatibility: The resulting protein can be used for sdS-PAGE and WB downstream assays.

Due to the stable components of the kit, the storage conditions of the kit should be controllable and easy to use. The reasonable design can be seen from the kit component list:

Streamline the right component design.

The extraction effect of rice, Arabidopsis, corn, pea, spinach and other plants has been verified, and the extraction effect is better than the similar products on the market. It is worthy of the favor of botanical experts.



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