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Abbkine Scientific announces the launch of LinKine™ HRP Labeling Kit

Date:2017-12-08 Views:7267

LinKine™ HRP Labelling Kit is designed for preparing HRP conjugates directly from proteins, peptides, and other ligands that contain a free amino group.

Abbkine's LinKine™ HRP Labelling Kit

Abbkine is devoted to reform the research tools in life science research field. Providing high quality antibody and assay kit for research use will be our eternal pursuit. With the recently official launch of LinKine™ HRP Labeling Kit, Abbkine is getting closer to this aim. The company has launched the product as a part of its plan to revolutionize the field of life science and scientific research. The LinKine™ HRP Labeling Kit soon becomes one of the best-selling product among Abbkine Kit family.

Abbkine injected a large amount of human and financial resources in this year to develop a series of LinKine™ kits coupling labeling kits, which largely strengthen the core competitiveness of Abbkine products. The features and benefits of this series of kits are obvious. Firstly, it provides an optimized project for experiement. If you obey the standard experiment procedure, depending on the excellent pre-activated dye, Protein ratio and Patent solution formula, you can get the best activity or fluorescence. Secondly, this product is convenient to operate. You can achieve an ideal result normally by three steps, attaching the coupling group to the primary amine site of the antibody or other protein. Thirdly, we can supply customization service especially. By changing the molar ratio, reaction buffer, PH and other parameters, you can arrive at the different levels of coupling and activity. Abbkine holds a strong belief on the innovation and sustainability in this series of products.

As is known to all that horseradish peroxidase also referred to HRP is one of the most important enzymes obtained from a plant source. HRP is an important heme-containing enzyme that has been studied for more than a century. In recent years new information has become available on the three-dimensional structure of the enzyme and its catalytic intermediates, mechanisms of catalysis and the function of specific amino acid residues. It continues to attract the attention of researchers from a variety of disciplines because of its practical and commercial applications.

The featured conjugation Kit provides a simple and quick process to conjugate antibodies, peptides, proteinsand other molecules with free amine groups with HRP. This kit is absolutely a powerful supplement to Abbkine kit group. Here we’d like also to mention that horseradish peroxidase is a 44kDa glycoprotein with 6 lysine residues. The enzyme label can be visualized by chromogenic reactions.

The LinKine™ HRP Labeling Kit is mainly composed of three parts-Activated HRP conjugates solution, HRP labeling solution and HRP quencher powder. The featured benefits include High activity HRP, Convenient quantities and so on, which are extremely helpful to scientific research. This product is both high in quality and competitive in price and it deserves buying.

About Abbkine Scientific Co., Ltd.

Abbkine Scientific Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. Our mission is to help make research possible by supplying scientists worldwide with the basic research tools necessary for advancing human and animal health. We're devoting to provide innovative, high quality assay kits, recombinant proteins, antibodies and other research tools to accelerate life science fundamental research, and drug discovery. Abbkine is delighted to offer reproducible and sensitive EliKine ELISA kits for quantification of cytokines, hormones and other proteins with sandwich or competitive ELISA methods, individually.