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LinKine™ FITC Labeling Kit becomes a new member to Conjugation kits family

Date:2017-12-13 Views:2042
LinKine™ FITC Labeling Kit from Abbkine

LinKine™ FITC Labeling Kit

Abbkine Scientific has launched its brand-new product LinKine™ FITC Labeling Kit recently. This product is designed for preparing FITC conjugates directly from proteins, peptides, and other ligands that contain a free amino group. The high sensitivity and excellent specificity make this product become unique.

Fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) is a derivative of fluorescein used in wide-ranging applications including flow cytometry. FITC is the original fluorescein molecule functionalized with an isothiocyanate reactive group (-N=C=S), replacing a hydrogen atom on the bottom ring of the structure. This derivative is reactive towards nucleophiles including amine and sulfhydryl groups on proteins. FITC has excitation and emission spectrum peak wavelengths of approximately 492 nm/520 nm, giving it a green color.

The LinKine™ FITC Labeling Kit is also known as LinKine™ FITC Conjugation Kit which has many irreplaceable benefits. The kit includes purification columns, ensuring rapid and efficient removal of non-reacted dye and excellent protein recovery. Another featured benefit is the Single-use fluors.  The featured FITC Conjugation Kit contains single-use vials of reagent. Since the product has been officially launched to LinKine™ Conjugation kits family, we can hope for the raising sales volume because of its high quality and competitive price.

The Kit consists of three parts- Activated FITC solution, FITC labeling solution, Purification column, which makes the kit easy to use. But you should pay attention to that kit components should be stored at 4˚C for 6 months and the initial concentration of the molecules to be labelled should not less than 2mg/ml. The issue of LinKine™ FITC Labeling Kit is a revolutionary step for Abbkine.

About Abbkine Scientific Co., Ltd.

Abbkine Scientific Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. Our mission is to help make research possible by supplying scientists worldwide with the basic research tools necessary for advancing human and animal health. We're devoting to provide innovative, high quality assay kits, recombinant proteins, antibodies and other research tools to accelerate life science fundamental research, and drug discovery. Abbkine is delighted to offer reproducible and sensitive EliKine ELISA kits for quantification of cytokines, hormones and other proteins with sandwich or competitive ELISA methods, individually.