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New Anti-β-Tubulin Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (3G6) has been released by Abbkine

Date:2017-03-11 Views:6180

New Anti-β-Tubulin Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (3G6) has been released by AbbkineWuhan, China. 430074. 11th March 2017. The Tubulin belongs to a group of several members of a small family of proteins known as the globular proteins. The globular proteins are the major consistent of microtubules. Alpha-tubulin and beta-tubulin are the two most common members of the tubulin family and together they form microtubules from their dimers. After the dimer is incorporated into microtubule, the GTP bounds to the beta-tubulin that eventually hydrolyzes into GDP along with the microtubule protofilament. Dimers bound to GDP fall apart while those bound to GTP tend to assemble into microtubules. Each of the molecule weight approximately 55kDa.

Antibodies from Beta-tubulin is usually used as a loading control for western blot. It is used to normalize the levels of proteins by checking that the protein loading is the same across the gel. However, the level of B-tubulin is not stable in certain cells, such as adipose tissue. Abbkine offers the best quality anti-β-tubulin mouse monoclonal antibody for WB and IHC-p.

Western blotting accurately measures the change of a specific protein under different circumstances and conditions. There are multiple steps involved during the process, including sample loading, sample preparation, protein transfer, signal detections, electrophoresis, and antibody incubation. In order to accurately interpret the results of western blot experiment, it’s advisable to use quality anti-β-tubulin throughout the loading control process. The same amount of protein sample should be used in each loading lane.

Anti-β-tubulin monoclonal antibody from Abbkine has an optimal working dilution that should be determined by investigators during experiments. We suggest that you start diluting as follows, WB 1:5000 or IHC-p 1:200. Using specific immunogenic and the affinity chromatography method, the antibody was affinity-purified from mouse ascites. They are from the monoclonal clonality and Mouse lgG1 isotope. The Anti-β tubulin monoclonal antibody can be reactive in dog, monkey, chicken, rabbit, rat, insects, and humans and also yeast.

When shipped at -20℃, the anti-β tubulin mouse monoclonal antibody is stable for a year from the shipment date. Aliquot to avoid freezing or melting and in the case of product recovery, centrifuge the original vial prior to removing the cap after melting. This product is best for research use only, the Abbkine Scientific Company is not responsible for any patent infringements or violations.

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