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Abbkine Scientific Releases a New Antibody Purification Protein A Kit

Date:2017-03-07 Views:2996

AbbKine Scientific Releases a New Antibody Purification Protein A KitWuhan, China. 430074. 7th March 2017. Rather than using the same traditional method that other purifier companies commonly use, PurKineTM is taking advantage of the latest technology and the latest synthetic process to optimize the development of resin and accessories. PurKine Antibody purification involves isolation of polyclonal antibody, ascites fluids or monoclonal antibody. Recombinant protein A can be scaled for Bioprocess application.

PurKine Antibody Purification Kit can be applied in gravity column procedures on a variable scale as it is immobilized in lgG purification. The PurKineTM protein A antibody purification kit incorporates Protein A resin that is pre-packed and plugs into ready to use columns. The objective of the purifier is to offer total protein purification solutions. The use of protein A in widespread and has superseded the use of antibodies purification.

Protein A purification system from Abbkine is designed as a one-step purification that make it easy for research use. The protein A contains high-affinity binding sets that are in four sites that are capable of interacting with Fc region of several species. The essence of affinity utilizes the concept of bio-specificity. This implies that there is an interaction between a natural ligand and a natural binding site, whether it’s protein A antibody interactions.

PurKineTM offers a wide selection of purifying antibodies using protein A antibody purification. The portfolio is designed to meets screening and Bioprocess needs. The features include

  • High performance: these resins are designed to maximize the protein yield.
  • Cost-effective: the pricing is similar or better, but it doesn’t reduce its performance at least for five repeated use.
  • Flexible: it is available in three different formats including, bulk, spin, and complete kits.
  • Easy to use: it is pre-formulated for use.

The PurKineTM Protein A purification product is not for use by humans or clinical diagnosis. They are recommended for research.

About Abbkine Scientific

Abbkine Scientific Co., Ltd. was founded by a number of scientists and marketing experts in the field of life science in California, USA in 2012. With growing demands from Asia Pacific, it move its headquarters to China. Combining cutting edge technology from United States with China's manufacturing engineering and cost advantages, we aim to provide innovative, high quality assay kits, recombinant proteins, antibodies and other research tools to accelerate life science fundamental research, drug discovery, etc.