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CheKine™ Lactate Assay Kit, fast quantitative determination of L (+)-Lactate in various samples

Date:2019-07-16 Views:3209

Lactate (CH3CH(OH)COO-) is a metabolic compound formed in animals by the action of the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase. Lactate is produced in proliferating cells during anaerobic conditions such as exercise. Abnormally high concentrations of lactate have been related to pathological conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and lactate acidosis.

L(+)-Lactate is the major lactate stereoisomer formed in human intermediary metabolism and is present in blood at levels of around 1-2 mmol/L. D(-)-Lactate can also be found in blood but only at about 1-5% of the concentration of L(+)-Lactate.

Lactic acid is the end product of glycolysis in the body, which can be produced when tissue hypoxia or pyruvic acid is not oxidized in time. Usually, the lactic acid obtained from metabolism does not affect the acid-base balance in the patient's body. However, when the violent exercise reaches a high metabolic state or shock, the anaerobic metabolism in the tissue increases significantly, accelerating the production of lactic acid. The body's ability to remove lactic acid is gradually reduced, eventually leading to hyperlactacidemia, even lactic acidosis. At this time, the blood lactate level test results showed a significant increase. So the  lactate level can be used as an important indicator to reflect the balance of oxygen supply and demand in critically ill patients.

Want a quick, quantitative determination of lactic acid? Abbkine CheKine™ Lactate assay kit will give you a good experience!

Abbkine CheKine™ Lactate Assay Kit provides a convenient means for detecting L-(+)-Lactate in biological samples such as in serum or plasma, cells, culture and fermentation media. In this kit lactate is oxidized by lactate dehydrogenase to generate a product which interacts with a tetrazolium salt WST-8 dye to form a colorimetric (450 nm) product, proportional to the lactate present.

Product Name CAT # Detection Range
CheKine™ Lactate Assay Kit KTB1100 0.03 mM-2 mM

【Kit components】

• Lactate Assay Buffer

• Lactate Dehydrogenase

• Lactate Dehydrogenase Cofactor

• WST-8

• Enhancer

• L(+)-Lactate Standard (100 mM)


  1. Prepare the Working Reagent.
  2. Add diluted standard and sample per well, then add Working Reagent. Tap plate to mix. Immediately read optical density at 450nm (OD0).
  3. Incubate for 30 min at 37°C in the dark. Read optical density at 450nm again (OD30).

【Standard Curve】

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