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Immunofluorescence Master Key - Universal IF Toolkit

Date:2022-06-10 Views:957

We usually encounter many difficult problems when doing immunofluorescence experiments, such as weak staining or no signal, high background and strong non-specific signal, and for example, the hard work of slices, which was discovered only during the final observation. And for example, all the reagents for immunofluorescence are self-prepared, and the configuration time is also real. So how to solve these very common problems? Let's take a look.

Immunofluorescence technology (IF) is based on the principle of antigen-antibody reaction. First, a known antigen or antibody is labeled with fluorescein to make a fluorescent antibody, and then the fluorescent antibody (or antigen) is used as a probe to detect tissue or cells. the corresponding antigen (or antibody).

Based on the tedious and time-consuming operation of traditional IF experiments, a wide variety of reagents and supplies, and poor stability and reliability of experimental results, Abbkine has developed a Universal IF Toolkit.

Advantages of Universal IF Toolkit:

①The operation is convenient, the components are complete, and there is no need to worry about complex reagents, and the experiment can be started immediately after opening the box;

②Provide optimized antibody diluent and SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium, which has strong anti-quenching effect and maintains excellent fluorescence intensity;

③Provide Dylight series secondary antibodies with stronger fluorescence intensity and higher specificity;

④Provide high-quality goat serum for blocking to reduce background interference;

⑤Provide nuclear staining, DAPI (500X), for easy nuclear localization.

Kit components:

  • Immunostaining Permeabilization Buffer
  • EDTA Antigen Retrieval Solution pH 8.0 (20×)
  • PBS (20×)
  • Goat Serum Blocking Buffer
  • Antibody Wash Buffer (20×)
  • Antibody Dilution Buffer
  • DyLight 488, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG/DyLight 488, Goat Anti-MouseIgG/DyLight 594, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG/DyLight 594, Goat Anti-MouseIgG(One secondary antibody per IF Toolkit)
  • DAPI (500×)
  • SuperKine™ Enhanced Antifade Mounting Medium


Universal IF Toolkit is a multifunctional kit developed by Abbkine for immunofluorescence

staining. It is very convenient and practical, and can quickly carry out IF experiments and obtain high-definition colorful imaging pictures.

Catalog No Product Name Size Price/$
KTD107-EN Universal IF Toolkit (Anti-Rabbit Dylight 488) 100T 139
KTD108-EN Universal IF Toolkit (Anti-Mouse Dylight 488) 100T 139
KTD109-EN Universal IF Toolkit (Anti-Rabbit Dylight 594) 100T 139
KTD110-EN Universal IF Toolkit (Anti-Mouse Dylight 594) 100T 139