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Master key for cell proliferation detection

Date:2021-11-22 Views:301

There are many methods to detect cell proliferation, such as MTT, CCK8, BrdU, etc. Today, I would like to recommend a more general and convenient method for everyone.

Cell proliferation is a process of increasing the number of cells by means of cell division, which will produce many important changes, including the synthesis of DNA, the increase of cell metabolism, the expression of proliferation-specific proteins and so on. After continuous optimization and improvement of EdU method, no denaturation step, maintaining the integrity of cell morphology and DNA, it is recognized as the most direct and accurate method to detect cell proliferation.The process of cell proliferation is accompanied by the increase of cell metabolic activity. CCK-8 method is based on the change of dehydrogenase activity in cell mitochondria and indirectly reflects the number of living cells through the color of reduction product methylene. It is the most widely used method for cell proliferation detection.

Based on the new generation of AbFluor™ fluorescent staining technology, Abbkine has developed a cocktail set that can accurately detect cell proliferation directly at the DNA level, and at the same time achieve high-throughput detection of cell proliferation at the level of cell metabolism. The kit contains a patented cytotoxic positive control, which perfectly solves the current problem of non-standardization of proliferation test results; As a standardized product for cell proliferation research, it can meet the needs of most users for cell proliferation detection, and can also be applied to the detection of cytotoxicity. It is the best choice for cell proliferation/toxicity detection.

The KTD103-CN Cell Proliferation Assay Cocktail set is the most representative product we have selected. After experimental optimization, it can have a perfect and unique product experience. It is an indispensable choice for your proliferation experiment.

Unique advantages:

  • Standardized: The patented cytotoxicity positive reference substance can perfectly solve the problem of non-standardization of proliferation/toxicity test results at present.
  • Universal: It can detect cell proliferation status most directly and accurately, and it can be also chosen as high-throughput detection detection, which covers most cell proliferation/toxicity detection needs.

Kit components:

  • EdU (10 mM)
  • BSA Wash Solution (5×)
  • AbFluor 488 azide
  • 10× Reaction buffer
  • Copper Reagent
  • Reducing Agent
  • DAPI (500×)
  • CCK-8
  • Postive Control
Cat. No Product Name Size Price
KTD103-CN Cell Proliferation Assay Cocktail 1 Kit 119

Experimental result chart:

Fig.1 HEK293 and L929 cells in the positive control group were induced by cytotoxicity inducer for 30 min, while the control group was not given any treatment. Enhanced Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8) was used to detect the cytotoxicity of HEK293 and L929 cells after cytotoxicity induction.

Fig.2 Cell Proliferation EdU Image Kit (Green Fluorescence) was used to detect the cytotoxicity of HEK293 cells after cytotoxicity induction.



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